Why Standard Business Card Size is the Best for your business

Business cards are very important in business as it enables formation of networks that can benefit the business in terms of increasing the market base. The standard business card size is 3.5 by 2 inches; this space offers enough room for incorporation of various designs that helps to pass information more effectively. Select the designs to be used in the card carefully since they can be used to determine your personality. A quality business card should contain all the necessary information about the business and portray a positive image about the business.

StandardBusinessCardSizeOne of the benefits of using the standard business card is that it fits well in most of the wallet and portrays a positive image that the business is conscious about space. Ensure that the contents written on the card are easily readable and avoid putting too much information so as to avoid overcrowding the card. Use of good designs can help a business to portray the product and service by using pictures that are informative and captivating.

Contacts segment is perhaps one of the most important parts of a business card as it helps the reader to get access to the business premises. It is advisable to select a design that has the capacity to place the contact in a position that is easy to locate. The standard business card size offers enough space to insert all the contact but the trick lies in the way they are printed.


One can seek the services of an accredited designer who has all the skills and knowledge necessary to provide a good business card. However if you decide to design it yourself, it’s advisable to print the card bigger than the actual size then trim it to the standard size. Using a standard business card size is the best way to pass information to current and potential clients.



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