What Are the Factors influencing the Gold Rate in Pune

It is not very difficult to keep a track of gold rate in Pune through the various sites available on the internet. Many of the sites offer RSS feeds and email services to determine rate of gold in Pune. You could even get updates on gold rates on a regular basis as well. 

As on 31st July 2012the gold rate for one gram 24 Karat gold has been Rs.1638.22, Rs.1501.7 for 22 Karat and Rs.1365 for 20 Karat and Rs.1228.67 for 18 Karat.  At the EOD or the End of the Day, the price of gold in Pune is based on the International Bullion Market. While determining the prices, the local taxes and duties to be levied are also taken into consideration.

Factors That Affect Prices

As on 31st July 2012 the USD was rated as 55.5847. There can be a difference in gold rate in Pune sold at the stores selling jewelry in Pune due to a number of factors. This ranges from charges for making the jewelry, the basket price at an average, the gross margin at different levels, die charges. The die charges are generally levied on the gold coins.

It is for this reason that some variations may be seen in gold rates in Pune. To find out prices all that you need to do is navigate through related sites. Gold charts can be looked up to track prices. At the click of a mouse you will get to see the Indian bullion rates.

Get the Best Deal

Of all kinds of investments, one of the most popular ones is gold investment, not only in Pune but in various parts of the globe. There are details of a number of dealers, retailer as well as distributors available in a list on the web. Each day the gold rate in Pune rallies a new peak, all-time.

If you are looking towards striking one of the best deals then you can right away check the gold rates in Pune at a button’s click. The sites can be accessed any part of the day or night for determining gold rate in Pune before making the final purchase.

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