Ultimate Guide to Saving Your Precious Time – Part I

We all have lot of work, rather things to do in a day. It is just 24 hours and we need more than seven hours sleep to work at our maximum efficiency. So after a thought about how I can organize my life and save time to do better things, I came up with these ideas.

Prioritize the things to do

We know what we have to do the next day most of the time so it is useful to create a list of to do things.

Write down everything and clear your head from keep reminding you, as it has better things to do than work as an alarm clock or reminder.

Give importance to time management; allocate time for specific work according to its value. If you can do a work in a week’s time, then keep that as your target and split the work.

Take baby steps towards your goal rather than taking a leap and falling heads down.

Instead of writing down things on a paper you could use your PC, laptop or even your phone to remind you, this could avoid rewriting when you change your priorities.

Quit wasting time

Yes, I know it is easier said than done. Look around your office, home, desk or wherever you are and remove things that waste your time. See what is important, useful for you, and what is not.

Playing video games might seem to be a distraction or stress reliever for a short period but spending time more on it and getting addicted is another thing which kills precious time. Games on Facebook or PC gaming also fall under this category. For those who think Facebook is networking, yes it is networking but Facebook games are for fun is not networking.

Too Many breaks – tea break, coffee break, snack break, peep-on-others-monitor break, spy-on-colleagues break, gossip break and last but not the least the Stalk break*. These breaks between your work can cut down the productivity, efficiency, and the overall performance. Think twice before you take a break, whether it is really necessary.

Minimize planning time and increase working time

It is said that if you do not plan for success then you are planning for failure, but too much planning would not get you anywhere. Analysing everything before doing a task will waste precious time but for critical projects or tasks, proper planning is required. Plan once in a day and keep updating or improvising it rather than creating a plan for each task that you do. If you start to plan for every task, you will get tired of planning very fast and lose track of the final goal.

Choose your partners

In life or work, your partners or colleagues are as important as you are. If your coworker does not believe in working for success or does not believe in planning, then you might have a difficult time in executing your daily routines in plan. Having a time-waster along will waste your time too, beware! At the same time, having someone near you who believes in saving time for the good work will always increase your efficiency and help you throughout in maintaining your plans and routines.

Avoid Talking During Work Hours

Having someone near you can make you feel better from loneliness during work, but talking to someone throughout will be difficult without making eye contact when you get into serious discussions later. Eyes and hands away from work? Do we call that out of focus? Avoid useless conversations in office or home during work hours and this will save a lot of time.

Do not plan to do a lot of things at once

Our brain does things precisely and with 100% efficiency, if and only if we let it to do that. Trying to do a lot of things or multitasking can give your brain overload and lead you to finish everything you do with less than 50% efficiency which is as equal as not doing it. This is where priority plays an important role, even if you have 10 things to do in an hour, do the most important work first, then the second. One task at a time improves productivity and saves time more.

Outsource your workload

Yes, outsource does not mean you call up a person and provide him with sensitive information about your company and asking him to do it for a price. If you think that is outsourcing, then you are replacing yourself for the work which you cannot afford to do. Outsourcing here means delegating work to increase efficiency. By keeping an open mind, eyes and ears, you can get this working for you. For example if you are alert enough, you will get to hear people going to places around the office, might be to the third floor or to another company where you have some files to be delivered. Great! Just pass the file to the person visiting the destination and you saved 10 to 30 minutes of your time in walking or driving, wishing and greeting and saying goodbyes and even a fill in the gas station.

Un-Subscribe to useless e-mails

If you are getting e-mails that waste your time, then you can always delete them. Most of the time we do not do that fearing we might delete important and useful emails. This is what you can do about it. Most of the e-mail marketing software’s used today that are used to send e-mails to subscribers has an option to unsubscribe. Make use of this link usually found below the email content. So next time you get a mail from the list that you do not wish to be part of, just click the unsubscribe link.

*Stalk Break-Stalking is unwanted attention by an individual towards another person according to Wikipedia and Stalk Break is taking a break to Stalk on someone in or around your workplace.

Will be adding more ways to saving precious time soon – Check out the PART II of this article…

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