Ulli theeyal North Kerala style

Ulli theeyal North Kerala style
Cocunut: Half a coconut grated.
Onion (small): 10 numbers, finely sliced.
Ginger: One small piece sliced into fine pieces.
Green chilli: One whole, sliced into fine pieces.
Dry red chillies: One whole cut into medium sized pieces.

Curry leaves: 10 leaves.
Cumin seeds: Half a teaspoonful.
Fennel seeds: Half a teaspoon full.
Turmeric: Two pinches.
Chilli powder: One teaspoonful.
Coriander powder: one tablespoon.
Tamarind: A small piece soaked in water and squeezed.
Mustard: Half a teaspoonful.
Oil: Five tablespoonful.

Method to cook:

Heat a tawa and fry the coconut into brown (without adding any oil). Add fennel seeds, cumin seeds, and ginger, green chilli and saute well. Add chilli powder and turmeric power, saute, and finally add the coriander powder, saute for two seconds and switch off the flame and grind the whole mixture into a smooth paste.
Heat oil in a separate tawa and saute the onions. When it turns golden brown, add the ground paste into this and mix it well, and finally add the thick tamarind paste into it. Add a bit of water if needed and bring to boil and finally add salt to taste.
Heat oil in a tawa, add mustard seeds, when it splutters add some curry leaves, pieces of dried red chillies, and thin onion slices. Remove from flame and add it to the theeyal mixture.
The tasty north Kerala theeyal is ready. You can have it along with hot rice.

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