The Ticketing System

“I have got two free tickets available for the movie “Nanban” you joining? Recently one of my friends asked this and it triggered off a thought process in me about these little paper bits which we call “tickets”.

These days everything and anything need tickets! I wonder how in olden days people managed to sell a program or an event when the paper was not invented or the idea of tickets was not discovered!

My husband and myself being ardent fans of the Margazhi festival in Chennai during November/December every year, ‘ticket’ is the most heard/uttered word during that time. He being a disciplined and systematic person, always buys the ticket long time ahead for a particular concert; kutcheri of Yesudas being our family favorite.

While finding an entry into the prestigious row of seats and listening to your favorite musician or danseuse is great, it is equally disappointing if you do not get a ticket at all! Sometimes for a very high-in-demand program you miss a ticket to your dismay and come back feeling a vacuum inside you.

This occurred many times during Chennai Opens Tennis Tournament or Shobana’s dance performance of “Ravan” or “Krishna” to site a few. My husband brooding over the nonavailability of tickets for Zakir Hussain’s Tabla concert is again one such memory of mine and I have wondered if we could procure the tickets by any way, by hook or crook, in such situations.

Now I came across this idea that in some parts of the world there is this practice of procuring the tickets even after it is sold out in the regular counter! Naturally, you need to pay more for such tickets but then sometimes it is worth the salt! One such website I came across recently is This I think is a great idea which should come in our land too, where we are not just getting the tickets, but also book the seat positions that we want.

For example they are selling the tickets for La Bohme an opera happening in different States on different dates, with full map of the locations where it is happening to the seating charts, that too the entire schedule up till June of 2012! Again La Cage Aux Folles a musical happening Washington DC, which is a high-in-demand musical, or the much acclaimed La Triviata.

You could check out their ticketing sections here:
1. la cage ​aux foll​es ticke​ts​
2. la bohem​e ticket​s​
3. la travi​ata tick​ets​

I just wish these kind of systems come into foray here too and whenever we need the ticket, even if sold out from the regular counter, we are able to procure, because when we want to entertain ourselves, nothing should come in between, not even a ticket!!!

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