The Forex Bulletproof Review


Here is a Forex bulletproof review. This broker has the very first patented Forex Trading Robot in the history that stands out and the only one that truly works. It is created by Navitech LLC, which is completed in the year 2011. Its US patent number is TXu001778789 with the effective date on October 11, 2011. Many traders, according to a forex bulletproof review, have therefore wished to confirm it through the US .gov domain, which could not ever be faked or manipulated. It could be checked through for confirmation purposes.

To have a forex bulletproof review during the beta testing of the trading robot used by Forex Striker, there were 500 live accounts that were chosen, out of the total of 2,500, that were verified by the beta testers. And out of the 500 live accounts, 300 were selected that had no Forex experience. It proved that the trading robot was actually effective and was ‘newbie-friendly’ – a very good assistant to everyone, indeed. The beta testing, according to another Forex bulletproof review, had generated a total of $424,720 for the 500 live accounts, the beta testers found out. You can just imagine the huge sum of money here wherein you could have the possibility to earn much profits.

Every day, through a Forex bulletproof review, there are over a thousand participants on the GoWebinar (a live webinar, which is actually recorded for the purpose of calling out more new and old Forex traders) site of Forex Striker who wish to learn more about this new patented discovery and innovation in the world of Forex Trading. Everybody seems to want to get hold of this one in a lifetime chance and experience. Currently, a Forex bulletproof review found out the so-called ‘backdoor spots’ are filling in so fast.

The ‘backdoor spots’ could even offer up to 50% off of the regular deposit price and there is no need to pay for the tax (0%). Many people are able to acquire fast the reservations. As it is, the most profitable is the EUR-USD Forex Trade wherein anyone can earn more profits than any other Forex Trade currency.

The Forex bulletproof review is not only done once but many times by different traders who have tried this Forex Trading Robot. Lately, it can be noticed that the profits of one account can even make profits of $10,000 to $20,000.

In another Forex bulletproof review, there is an average rating of 4.39 out of 5, for Forex Striker. You can notice the effectiveness of the trading robot in the live trading. For this week alone, there are a total of 373 new members who wish to try using the patented software of this broker.

As it is, according to a forex bulletproof review, the features include a step by step guide for the new members, there is no need to pay much money, much attention or much effort to earn profits, everyday there is an update and special offer, a coupon that offers 55% off and a lot more. Every forex bulletproof review has real specific points that discuss the Forex Striker’s pros and cons that can certainly be a big help for the old and new Forex traders.


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