The Big Fat Indian Wedding

This is the season of weddings, and I had the chance of participating in some extravagant weddings this year as well. Our country is vibrant with different cultures and customs. Diversity is in our languages and food habits.  Only we can boast of such big weddings as an integral part of our culture; It is more than just a custom, it is a celebration in every sense. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, within states and from state to state the wedding ceremonies differ. The band baaja (music and dance) of the north Indian weddings are very famous, and are featured in almost every bollywood movie. The south Indian weddings- especially the Kerala Hindu weddings are one of the simplest ones.

The wedding comprises with the exchange of garlands and then the groom ties the thaali ( a scared tread with a banyan leaf shaped pendant called mangalsuthra in north and parts of south). In such weddings the extravagance is shown in the form of gold jewelry. In most of the cases the bride looks like a mobile jewelry store. Oh ok , no offence there. The north Indian weddings commence with the mehendi, then the sangeet and finally the wedding in which the groom and party arrive in proper style – riding a horse and the whole party comes dancing all the way to the bride’s place. In the eastern side the rituals are more than the dance and music and the wedding is a three-to-four day affair.

Another diversity is in food- that is one of the best thing I enjoy, rather we all enjoy at the weddings. In case of wedding sumptuous meals, all borders disappear and equal importance is given to sambar and paneer.  In our country marriage is just not about two individuals it is about two families- stay informed I am talking about the real big extended family from the grand uncles to the youngest fifth cousin.  When there are so many people involved disagreements and debates are bound to happen.

I am sure most of you would have read Two States – Chetan Bhagat’s story of a Punjabi- Tamil Wedding. It focuses equally on the sentimental and lighter sides of the wedding and such weddings are no rarer in our country with more IT hubs and love marriages on an ever high rate.

Indian weddings are not just the epitome of extravagant celebrations but also of the rich culture that we possess.  Every custom and ritual has significance to it and hence it is performed and followed with utmost sincerety.This makes us consider our relationships more seriously and stay together always.

Okay, it is time for me to get ready now to celebrate another wedding

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