Take a look at Today’s Gold Rate in Chennai

Today’s gold rate in Chennai is at its highest as seen in the trend so far. In the Chennai gold market the purity of standard gold at 995 or 22 Karat is priced at Rs.29540. The price of gold at 999 purity or the 24 Karat stands at Rs.29660. In the Indian market the gold bull-run continues.

Of date, it has been seen that anyone investing in gold in Chennai has got a return to the extent of 30 percent. Price of gold in the current market has been making an independent move with respect to gold prices in the international market in the last one and a half years’ time.


Demand Still Increasing


Today’s gold rate in Chennai is at its highest. The Indian market, which also includes the Chennai gold market, has supported the rise well. Demand of gold has been increasing in the world as in India. It is for this reason that gold is proving to be an important asset, as it has been for a very long time.


If prices of gold in Chennai were observed in July 11, 2011, they were at Rs.29300 for 10g which has logged a great return to gold investors – to the extent of thirty percent! Even if gold is stored, its value keeps on increasing which makes a great investment option in Chennai and those in other parts of the world.


Gold – Investment Option

As per the trends seen in the past, the prices of gold everywhere including Chennai have increased. This is due to the increasing demand of this precious metal and scarcity to some extent. Besides this a lot of hoarding practices too have made the metal as dear as ever which can be seen in today’s gold rate in Chennai.

Gold is a great investment and proves to be very useful when instant cash is needed. Even if it is purchased and stored, today’s gold rate in Chennai is significantly high giving you worth of investment made in gold.

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