Advent of modern shopping malls have opened a new way of making easy money for the habitual thieves. A huge-sized shopping mall enables the customer to see and select from a wide variety of goods in each category by comparing the prices and brands. A regular visitor to a particular supermarket/hypermarket knows the exact place where a particular material he wants to buy is kept. It is easy for the customer to finish the shopping within minutes.

Since a lot of new varieties of articles are displayed elaborately, the customer is influenced automatically to buy lot more things than the actual requirement. We might have seen weekly offers from a store selling onions or mangoes at half the market price. It is to attract the customers and increase footfalls to the shop. The shopkeeper is eyeing on the profit he could make out of the extra purchases the customer would make from the exhibited goods.

However, since it is a large store, the eyes of the owner or staff cannot reach every nook and corner of the store thereby giving the thieves a chance to steal small-sized goods or gadgets without the knowledge of anyone nearby. It is not necessary that all these ‘shoplifters’ are professional thieves. Decades back, a renowned sports person was caught by a superstore in London stealing one pair of socks. He was not a habitual thief or shop lifter. Certain individuals are kleptomaniacs. Whether one is a kleptomaniac or a habitual thief, the ultimate loser is the shop owner. He was caught because of a surveillance camera.

The technology have developed leaps and bounds now. Till recently, the cameras were so large and could have been avoided coming in front of it by a professional thief. Now with the invention of pen cameras, spy cameras and button size-cameras that remain well hidden, such offenders don’t stand a chance. There are button cameras with clarity up to 44 mega pixels available in the market. Every angle of the store can be under surveillance especially where the costly gadgets or other small articles are kept. The views can be monitored on TV screens 24 hours by a person sitting in the office. Different monitors can be used to see different parts of the store.

Different corners can be seen at a time on a single monitor at any point of time. Also, the views can be recorded for days together to rewind and watch the activities in the store. Night cameras are also available in the market. It can be used inside and outside of our residential premises to watch for any intruder.

Shop-lifters beware; the button camera eyes are watching you to put you behind the bars!

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