Rahul Gandhi as Vice President of Congress and the Change in Politics

Having heard the speech of Mr.Rahul Gandhi upon his elevation as the Vice president of the Indian National Congress, I had a feeling that the Indian politics is bound to a leap jump. He seemed to me as a matured person in politics who have ideas to lead a nation.

The educated youths, both intelligent men and women, in leadership are strengthening pillars of democracy. The declaration to include minimum 30% women from grass root level of the party and inclusion of intelligent, educated, non-corrupt, experienced, hardworking and those shown their ability to serve the public relentlessly will have to be nominated for promotion to the ranks and files of leadership to enhance the chance for the party to be in chair for a third time.

If his declarations are implemented, his party stands for chance to revive. He is no more an “Amul Baby”, as his critics call him, if his speech in the final session is to be believed. Often people talked about the hierarchy politics, but seeing a bold face in him today I had a feeling that our country will be in the hands of a clean leadership. After all, he is a descendant of Nehru family and the son of our great leader, Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi too was forced to enter politics without any experience and he was a leader eager to bring our nation all modern amenities and futuristic plans. Being the son of that great father, I hope he can bring drastic changes in politics.

To make a country devoid of corruption, the first change must come from the Election Commission of that country. Those convicted for heinous crimes or corruption and those alleged to be involved in crimes should not be given a chance to stand in elections. The suggestion to get the nominations from the grass root level may eradicate corruption in one party but if this rule is not effected to all parties by the Election Commission, a chance is still left behind for the corrupts to encroach in to political arena.

UPA Government is said to be in a crisis due to the increase of petroleum prices, rail fares and many other economical reforms. In this case, we should bear it in mind that our country is under the threat of another recession. To overcome the unfortunate event of becoming a bankrupt country, our leadership needs to take some bold actions. When almost all European countries underwent the crisis of recession, our country was spared of the crisis last time due to the expert finance management of our prime minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh. Also, it is understandable that no political party on the verge of election will dare to exert extra burden on the electorates unless it is extremely unavoidable for the very existence of the nation.

In ‘Chintan Baitak”at Jaipur, it was also decided that the party should explore the ways to canvas more allies. In my opinion, the previous and present UPA Government and several other states under congress alliance are feeling the heat of corruption due to the ill-mannered dealings of its allies.

While it may enhance the numbers in Assemblies or Parliament, it may be a burden on congress in later stages. It is better to fight the elections all alone even though it may lose power for five years. It can come victorious after five years because of the incumbency factor and ill governance. Also it is advisable to avoid non-performing parties and single-man parties from coming to the congress alliance because they will be a pressure-thrusting force in future.

Projecting maximum number of young ladies and gentlemen with ideas and intelligence will attract the electorates and as we all envisage, a new super power nation will emerge in the coming decade paving the way for a wealthy and healthy India devoid of slums and poverty.

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