Natural remedies and cure for diabetes

Diabetic in its initial stages can be managed with ease..A brisk walk for 45 minutes a day, a few breathing exercises, consumption of one ounce of gooseberry –honey mixture daily, control over our food habits etc. have proved to be highly effective for controlling diabetics once it is noticed in its initial stages. Diabetes is known as a non-curable disease, but, if detected earlier, it can be controlled easily.

Indian gooseberry, also known as Amla, Nellikkai, Nillikka etc.are known for its medicinal effects from ancient times. It contains 81.2% water which is effective for skin moisturising. It also contains glucose, high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B1, iron, calcium, niacin, fibres, carbohydrates and protiens. Gooseberry-Mint cordial was used by our predecessors as a rejuvenating & soothing drink. Our Vedic scriptures mentions about it as a natural rejuvenator, anti-oxidant which removes harmful toxins from our body, a natural anti-ageing agent, and a laxative to prevent constipation in connection with piles. It was also used for controlling fever and plague.

Natural honey too have many healing properties. Natural honey contains carbohydrates, dietary fibre, riboflavin(vitamin B2),Niacin(Vitamin B3) Vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, online casino phosphorous, potasium, sodium, zinc, proteins,water, and sugar. It was generally used for natural healing of burns and wounds and it was kept in our kitchens as a first aid for simple burns. It cures ulcers, gastric disturbances, diabetic ulcers, ocular allergies etc. It is known as anti-bacterial and atiseptic. It dilutes toxins in the body by which human body becomes immune to certain categories of cancers. Also it gives a soothing effect to a sore throat.

Having the mixture of goosebrry and honey, the highly effective rejuvenator-cum-healer, early in the morning gives the body the energy to work the whole day being immune to many negative effects of the nature in our body. One ounce of gooseberry juice mixed with little honey can play wonders in management of diabetic ailments. It can be used even by those diabetic type 2 patients, who are on insulin. It lowers blood sugar as well as blood pressure.

These readily available and cheap healing ingredients were existing in our society from ancient times but were not promoted with the arrival of “new generation medicines”.

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