Malayalam Movie Beautiful – Review

The Malayalam movie Beautiful can be described as a brilliant attempt. These days in Malayalam movies we can see only buffoonery on screen and film makers are taking viewers for granted with too many Korean inspirations and rehash of old hits, but this one is different, genuinely! We have seen director V.K.Prakash trying different genres in his past films, but undoubtedly this is his best work to date.

Malayalam Movie Review – Beautiful by V.K.Prakash

V.K.Prakash had done justice to the Anoop’s screenplay which is an honest attempt.  We get to watch a matured and restrained acting from Jayasurya in his career best role as Stephen.  Anoop Menon also played his part impressively.  Meghna Raj is a revelation and her performance is top class.

The story starts when rich Stephen Maliyekkal (Jayasurya), who is paralyzed is coming back to his hometown after spending years outside Kerala.  He is living with the help of his servants and leading a detached life from his relatives since he is aware that they are after his wealth.  The only person he is close to is his cousin Alex  (Tini Tom).  Stephen is a very happy person despite his illness and he is very positive in thinking and enjoys his life.

The reason for his comeback is the death of his singer friend Sreenivasan. One night,  he spots a struggling singer John( Anoop Menon) in a restaurant  and he feels John’s voice is similar to his friend Sreenivasan’s voice and requests him to take up a job with him.  John is facing serious financial crisis and struggling to earn money for his sister’s education.  Initially he is refusing the offer but after much persuasion from his friends,  he decides to take up the job.

Stephen wanted John as his friend, not as his employee and soon they become very good friends.  In order to take care of Stephen, they appointed a home nurse Anjali (Meghna Raj).  John falls in love with Anjali but she is indifferent to him and rejects his proposal.

In the meantime, John wanted 50 lakhs to produce a music album for his band and he is hesitant to ask Stephen as he does not want to take advantage of their friendship.  During the same time, Stephen decides to gift his wealth to orphanage.  John’s friends starts blaming him for losing a chance and he is upset because of Anjali’s rejection.  Knowing this situation, one of the Stephen‘s relatives,  Peter comes to John with a plan to kill Stephen for money.  Here the story takes an interesting turn.

Photography is top notch and editing is slick with a very good background score. On the flip  side, audiography is poor and music is only average except “MAZHANEER THULIKAL” song.

After a long time, we have very good movie, worth watching, worth your money spent.

Do not Miss IT.


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