Malayalam cinema-Vijayan (Srinivasan) and Dasan (Mohanlal)-are they parting ways?!!

An interview of Malayalam actor Srinivasan in a TV channel prompted me to write an article on their achievements when they worked together.

As all of us know, Mohan Lal and Srinivasan, both have evoked immense joy in our minds by their immaculate comedy.  Their chemistry worked in spontaneous slap stick comedy.  To enact a comedy scene, the reaction must come spontaneously from the opposite actor.  Many a times a director might not have planned such a scene.  Having got chances to see their acting on locations, I have noticed them planning extra comedy scenes suiting to the story and it worked out well with the audience.  In films their chemistry worked out, we enjoyed and both are our heroes and idols.  Mohan Lal and Srinivasan are undoubtedly the veterans of our industry.  Any misunderstanding between them can be disastrous to their fans.

Mohan Lal & Srinivasan acted together in Chithram, Gandhinagar second street, His Highness Abdulla, Nadodikkattu, Hey Auto, Varavelppu, Udayananu Tharam and several other mega hit movies.  We enjoyed their subtle acting.  “Entha Vijaya ee budhi nerathe thonnathirunnathu?”  and “Ellathinum oru samayamundu Dasaa” are the household humour even several years after the release of the film.

In “Udayananu Tharam”, Sreenivasan is hinting about the Dubai based business of Superstar Mohan Lal.  In that film Mohan Lal himself was the hero.  There was no ill-feeling then.  Mukesh being the producer, if there was an ill-feeling,he could have changed the dialogue then and there.  The ego which was not there when he acted in”Udayananu Tharam” erupted now. How and why?

As Sreenivasan described it in his latest interview, there could be a team working behind these allegations.  May be some fans want to impress Mohan com site, that is run by Vegas casino online operator South Point Hotel Casino and Health spa. Lal.  May be some Producers & Directors who were enjoying the continuous dates of Mohan Lal want special attention.  Let us hope that Mohan Lal shows the wisdom to intervene in the war of words among his friends & fans.

The writers are gifted visionaries.  I believe Sreenivasan is also such a visionary.  His dialogue in the film “Sandesham” is suiting to the contemporary politics.  There need not be any hue & cry among the actors for certain dialogues or storyboard in a film.  I heard Sreenivasan telling today that the story and scripts were ready several months before the raid incident.  He even changed certain dialogues after the occurrence of raid.


I still prefer to believe that there is no rift among the veteran actors and this is a part of the publicity stunt enacted on mutual consultations and consent.  If he have called Mammooty to tell the storyline of “Padmbhooshan Bharat Dr. Saroj Kumar”, he might have explained it to Mohan Lal as well!

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