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When we start to blog, we all have the dream of blogging everyday for every month and years to come and create a blog that is important and useful to everyone. The setting up and creating something new always is interesting but we soon lose the focus and stop maintaining the blog. When we write or work for some time and we do not get the results that we expected we tend to drop out of the practice. It happens in every field, not just blogging.

Take up fitness for instance, you are on fire when you think about building your body and get started in a gym. You pay the membership fee for the year and you start. After one month you have lost interest in going to the gym as you do not see any difference in your body and you go back to the state you were before joining the gym – sitting and dreaming about building a fit body.

Just like anything else blogging also takes time to show results. You would not stop before you reach your destination just because you cannot see it when you start. You should have a destination in mind – seeing yourself and your blog after two years or three years is a good mark to start with.

If 100 blogs are created today only 10 will survive the first month and five will survive the second month and the one that survive after six months is the winner. Blogging will take time and it requires a tremendous amount of patience to succeed.
Success in blogging can be of two kinds, one of financial success and the other is of traffic success.

Both are good ways to show success, but the traffic way of success is more pleasing to mind than the financial success. If you are able to share your knowledge to at least one other person, it is gives immense pleasure which cannot be fulfilled by the success in finance.

These are a few things to keep in mind in order to maintain an awesome blog:
1. Write as much as you can and whenever you can.
2. Do not give up on yourself and your readers – even if you have just one person reading you it is great, it is better than talking to your monitor every day.
3. Market and promote your blog like any other product. Build a brand around it.
4. Make sure you spend at least one hour a day towards maintaining your blog.
5. Do not expect any financial goals from your blog for the first six months or even up to an year.
6. Keep goals and meet them. Making short term goals will help you reach it. For example keep goals like “ I will post one article every three days for the next 15 days.” That is a good goal.

Hope this helped you in your quest to build and maintain an awesome blog. If you have any questions or comments please leave it below, I am happy to respond.

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