Losing weight during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the best phase in the life of a woman.  It is the most delicate phase as well. The physical and emotional changes that happen are inevitable. Weight gains and losing weight during pregnancy, both can happen, but losing weight beyond a certain limit can be harmful for both the mom to be and the baby. Dieting on fat-free slipping foods is definitely not advisable during this period. Intake of the right amount of nutrients keeps the fetus healthy and also helps in the right amount of growth in every week of pregnancy. The physical conditions like weight gain/weight loss during pregnancy can vary from person to person.

The weight loss, mostly due to nausea and vomiting resulting in lack of food intake mostly happens in the first three months also known as the first trimester. It is very essential to stay well-hydrated during this period.  Intake of more liquid foods like fruit juices and soups can help in a very great extent to maintain the balance of the body. This will keep the body nourished and also help preventing weight loss.

The weight gained by a woman during her pregnancy includes the weight of the unborn baby as well.  So a pregnant woman definitely would gain weight.  Also it is better to avoid intake of junk food during this period. This may contain artificial flavors and unsaturated fats which can affect the body adversely.

Fibrous fruits, and vegetables, protein- loaded foods and adequate amount of folic acid can help women prevent losing weight during pregnancy. Doctors advise that even obese women should gain between 10-20 pounds during pregnancy. Most of the weight gained during this period is lost later by the means of healthy eating and proper exercise, post delivery.

In case there is a steep decline in weight during pregnancy, the doctor or midwife should be informed about the same. According to prominent nutritionists about 300 calories a day is required to ensure healthy growth of the fetus. This is addition to the mother’s otherwise normal diet.

As mentioned earlier, avoiding junk food and increasing the intake of healthy cereals, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to keep the mother and the child healthy. Most of the women love to remain slim and would hate to lose that ”hour-glass figure”, but it should be understood that pregnancy is all about bringing a new life into the world and it is all about the beauty and glow from within.

Every phase of this wonderful period should be cherished and treasured by a woman. It is that special relation only a mother can have with her baby. The only physical connection the baby has is with the mother. Hence, the nutrient supply for the perfect growth of the baby should be taken care of by the mother.

The emotional highs and lows of the mother can also affect the baby – not just mentally, but physically as well. Research has proven that mothers who remain cheerful with proper diet intake give birth to healthy babies. These babies also tend to remain cheerful and happy always.

After the baby is born, lactation is also very important. Mother’s milk is the best food till the first six months, as it is rich in all kinds of nutrients .Solid foods is best if introduced after this period. The mother can also start losing weight at this point of time with healthy eating and proper exercise. The exercises to be followed also depend on the type of child birth. The best way is to check with the doctor before taking up any new diet or exercise routine. A well-fed body and a happy mind are the essentials for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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