List of popular web apps

Here is a list of popular web apps that will make your work more easier and quicker. Most of these applications are web based and is FREE for trial or with Limitations.If you aren”t using them give it a try!

List of popular web apps.

1.A Web Whiteboard: Draw sketches online using A Web Whiteboard

A Web Whiteboard lets its users draw sketches on their computer, tablet or smartphone and share, collaborate with others online.

The application is very simple and easy to use.It gives you a clean whiteboard to start sketching right away. You select the colors and start using in no time.

The collaborations options are many with such a simple application, Inviting members are easy within the interface.Whiteboard sessions can be saved and exported as PDF files to your desktop, or directly shared to Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit.

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2.FreshBooks: Online invoicing solution

FreshBooks is an online invoicing application that lets you manage reporst,invoices and document-sharing.

FreshBook provides invoicing solution with SSL 256-Bit Encryption. Arranging and managing invoices is made easy through the secure system. FreshBooks was founded in 2003 by Mike McDerment.Its is one of the most popular web apps.

Options include delivering invoices through email and normal mail.Invoices can be converted from tickets which can be updated when ever required and the clients will be notified.Products or services can be added to invoices very fast.

The invoices can be custom branded and the theme can be setup to match the feel of the brand.FreshBooks can integrate with most of the payment gateways.It supports multiple currencies and languages.

Importing of database of contacts,clients, and projects are easy.But managing them is a bit difficult and not much user friendly.This is not a matter to complaint about as it is an invoicing software than project management.

Manage clients, send invoices, run timers, and much more from FreshBooks” mobile options.

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3.HootSuite : Your Social Media Dashboard

HootSuite enables its users to engage and interact with social networks and analyse the result of their social media marketing campaigns or interactions effectively.

Hoot SuiteHootsuite makes managing followers more easily.Users can create public and private lists to manage followers and keep updated.Lists from Twitter can be imported to Hootsuite without any trouble.Advanced quick search enables users to search directly from the dashboard.


Multiple Networks
Custom Analytics
Team Collaboration
Schedule Messages
iPhone/ iPad, BlackBerry or Android mobile device Support
Automated Reports
RSS Integration

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Features of FREE Basic Version:

Free Social Analytics
5 Social Profiles *
2 RSS/Atom Feeds
Ad Supported

4.Wufoo: Online Form Builder

Wufoo is an online form builder which lets its user to create very professional looking forms that has many features.The HTML form builder can be used to create contact forms, online surveys, and invitations which can be used to collect data, registrations and online payments all by itself.

WufooWufoo is user friendly and does all the work like creating the database and related programs to collect,store and display the data the users want to collect. These forms can be generated in less than few minutes and also works as a report collection tool which is self hosted.This Web App is very flexible, easy to use and exciting.

Wufoo Features
Create online forms
Free account allows up to 3 forms
Paid accounts feature payment integration
All paid accounts come with storage space

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Box lets you access files from your desktop.Box can be used to get files uploaded and download fast between team members.

Box.comBox enables Cloud Content management on desktop.The contents once store will be in the cloud server, secure and ready to be retrieved when required.Editing of file and updating them will be an instant process and the team members will have immediate access to the modified new version to edit with.

Box can access the files from many devices such as iPhone, BlackBerry, or iPad.

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6.LemonStand :Build the perfect eCommerce site

LemonStand provides a solid platform to build online stores.LemonStand is considered to be a flexible and easy to use eCommerce site builder available online.

Lemon StandEvery part of LemonStand is customizable,flexible and includes a CMS which can be used to manage content as well the products on the go.The customization can be done to any extend including its HTML,CSS and JavaScript.

LemonStand comes with a WYSIWYG editor. A user with any knowledge level can create pages,products and content very easily.Content can be placed anywhere as it is block based.The API supports custom features which can be developed if required.

The Store created with LemonStand can be extended with additional modules or users can buy modules at the LemonStand Marketplace.Customers can be grouped to make customer management more organized.

LemonStand also supports features like:

SEO & Landing Pages
Google Analytics
Email Templates
Email Marketing
Discounts & Coupons
Invoices & Packing Slips

Payment Gateway integration:, PayPal, eWay, FirstData, Braintree, Sage Pay, SecureTrading and more.

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7.Carbonmade: Your online portfolio

Carbonmade is an online portfolio storage service.Carbonmade lets you personalize and present your portfolios quickly.

Carbon MadeAs mentioned above Carbonmade lets you create professional portfolio pages which can be personalized.It lets its users change the overall look from color scheme, logo and even a the domain itself.It is another popular app.

The best part of the application is that it lets the users save their portfolio in the quality they want to upload.

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8.PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS :Edit your photos online.

Photoshop ExpressPhotoshop Express is an online photo editing application from Adobe.This online version is FREE and enables the users to edit photos from anywhere, anytime.

Features are:

Edit photos anytime from anywhere.
Crop, fix lighting, adjust color, and more.
Add effects, borders, and text to get unique looks.
Keep your original photo intact, no matter how many changes you make.
Easy to start sharing.
Share your gallery and albums to Facebook and Twitter.
Easily create personalized slideshows.
Create videos from your photo albums using Animoto.
Protect photos and videos with 2GB of online storage.
Sync photos from your desktop with the Express Uploader.
Sort and find your photos with an easy-to-use Organizer.

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9.SpyPig : Simple online slots email tracking system

SpyPig simple email tracking system that notifies you by email when the recipient opens your message.

SpyPigSpyPig is supported by all major email service providers.Very easy to user free service which will send a notification when a mail you have sent is opened or read by the receiver.SpyPig requires both you and the recipient to use an HTML email, not plain-text or rich-text email.

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10.Light CMS : The World”s Best CMS for Designers

LightCMS is a very easy content management system for the designers and anybody who wants to build their website or store using an online CMS.

Light CMSLightCMS makes the complexity in adding or editing content to a website easier than most of its competitors.It is getting popular for its ease of use and user friendly design.

LightCMS provides features that can be used according to the requirement including blogs, calendars, forms, photo galleries, file management, media, and much more.The best part is that it also enables its users to build online stores in no time with its easy to use platform.LightCMS is a product of Element Fusion.

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11.Basecamp:The leading online project collaboration too

Basecamp is not just management tool for projects by its a web based project collaboration tool.It is used to make the work easier for everyone in a project.The features are focused on communication, time management and project planning.The communication and data sharing is the more important feature of Basecamp.

BaseCamp is the good for small business and start-ups to work together with a small team. The learning curve is not very steep and is easy to learn as it is based on the principle of keeping things simple and easy.

Features are:
Setting up of Milestones
Multiple project management
File Sharing
Task Schedule and Planning
Multiple user management
Message boards
The online application is developed by 37 Signals which was founded as a Web design firm by Jason Fried, Carlos Segura, and Ernest Kim in Chicago.

Basecamp offers a basic plan (15 projects, 5 GB file storage, $34/month) and a free plan (1 project, 2 Writeboards, 10 MB file storage).

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12.MailChimp: Email Marketing Service

Mail-ChimpMail Chimp provides its users with features that no other email marketing service provides in its class.With a pricing that is economical and cost effective , Mail Chimp stands more than just an email marketing service for small business owners and marketing professionals.
Email marketing is one of the best way to market towards your target audience.Mail chimp works fine for this purpose and is more easy to use than other email marketing services that are available.Even though the pricing is affordable , certain sets of features require additional costs.

Mail Chimp adds lot of features even for its basic users like the option to include a message to the subscriber about how and where they subscribed to the mailing list and an easy option for them to unsubscribe if they are not interested in the mails.

Social Media Mailing list

It lets you mail to members of specific networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and MySpace.

API Support
Mail Chimp users can use its API to integrate the service to all major platforms and eCommerce systems.According to Mail Chimp more than 250,000 customers uses MailChimp”s API to sync their customer databases, CRMs, CMSs and shopping carts with Mail Chimp.

RSS Support

RSS feature provided by Mail Chimp lets its users to send mails automatically to their subscribers when there is a change in the RSS Feeds.

Free Membership

Mail Chimp provides free membership with up to 2,000 subscribers. Send up to 12,000 emails per month.

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We are adding as we get to know innovative and useful applications.Do let us know if you would share the applications you like the most.

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