Kerala Inchi curry (Ginger curry or puli inchi)

You might have savoured your grandmother’s inchi curry, but ever wondered how to make it by yourself?  For most Malayalis inchi curry is a part of their nostalgia.  Here is the lovely recipe that I got handed over from my grandmother and mother.  It is easy to make and could be stored in your refrigerator.

How to make Inchi curry:

Ingredients needed

Ginger:  200 gm cut into small pieces.

Green chilly:  Two numbers cut into small pieces.

Onion (small): Four numbers cut into small pieces.

Curry leaves: Three to four leaves.

Tamarind:  A small piece soaked in water and squeezed, half two teaspoons.

Mustard: Half a teaspoon.

Red chilli powder:  One teaspoonful.

Coriander powder:  Half a teaspoonful.

Oil: Five table spoonful.

Salt: A pinch.

Method of cooking:

Heat the tawa, add three *First name *Surname *Postcode*Phone NumberAlternative Phone NumberEmail Licence Type Full UK held for 3 years or moreFull UK held for less than 3 yearsOtherHave you been banned from driving in the last four years NoYesHow many penalty points? NoneLess than sixSix or more* indicates a required fieldTrain To Become An InstructorRED Driving school supplies list is a division of RDS DRIVING SERVICES Ltd, Pavilion 12, Colemans Nook, Belasis Technology Park, Billingham, TS23 4EG. spoonful of oil, when it is heated well, add the finely chopped ginger.  Fry till turn brown in color and with a spoon take it out.  Then add finely chopped onion and fry it to golden color and take out, and do the same with green chillies.  Bring the tamarind water to boil in a separate tawa/pan and add the fried ginger, onion, and chillies to it.  Add red chilly powder and coriander powder and bring to boil till the oil shows up on the top.  Add a pinch of salt or as per your taste.  Take the tawa off from the flame and add mustard to the oil in a tawa, splutter it and you can add a few curry leaves also along with it.  Pour this over to the cooked ginger, onion, green chilly mixture, and the delicious inchi curry is ready.  It can be stored in an airtight container for a few days without refrigeration and more days with refrigeration.


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