Reports of R. Balakrishna Pillai, the founder and chairman of Kerala Congress(B) stripping his son of all party posts was a shocking news to everyone who know the history of that party and the biography of R.B.Pillai and his son, K.B.Ganesh Kumar.The son offered to resign after he came under a scathing attack from his mentor father & his loyalists but the request was rejected by the chief minister.  It is evident from the reports that the corruption-free son does not want to be remote-controlled by the corrupt loyalists of R. Balakrishna Pillai.  It seems that a group of so-called loyalists coerced Mr.Pillai to act against his trustworthy, energetic and lovely son since the son is corruption-free.
Shri.R.Balakrishna pillai, now around 77 years of age, should have gone to a silence mode for the time-being to accumulate sufficient venom to bite his political opponents.  If he is behaving like this he will lose the chance to retaliate.  R.B. Pillai, once a great crowd puller may vanish from the political scenario of Kerala like some of his coalition partners, if he does not have the support of his family & real friends.  Though Mr. R.B.Pillai was sentenced to one year’s rigorous imprisonment, since his son was in the ministry, he was spared of the hardships in the jail by way of parole, hospitalization, remission of sentence by the government etc. The Kerala Congress (B) might have been eliminated from the political scenario if their lone MLA Ganesh Kumar was not fighting an election at Pathanapuram.There is no other leader in KC(B) to replace Ganesh Kumar. Dr.Murali who fought election from Kottarakkara as a substitute for Sri.R.B Pillai failed miserably proves that my views are not wrong.

Ganesh Kumar could win the election at Pathanapuram once again; not due to the popularity of his eminent father or his loyalist party cadres alone.  The son could win the hearts of his voters during his first term. Being an actor-turned- politician, he could read the pulse of his voters and evolve as a cunning politician out-smarting his father.
Everyone, except V.S.Achuthanandan, know that R.Balakrishna Pillai, the wealthy son of a landlord of Valakom, need not to do any corruption to earn a livelihood. Unlike many other politicians, he hails from a rich and generous family.  He was cheated by his so-called loyalists.  He was not arrested for taking bribe but was convicted for giving blindfolded support to his corrupt officials and loyalists.  The son has learnt a lesson from father’s mistakes.  He kept the so-called ‘loyalists’ at bay for giving corruption-free governance.  Having heard much from his father’s opponents he opened his mouth to react and finally had to apologise for those words.  It all happened to him because of his father’s fault.  Even in jail R.B. Pillai’s loyalists took advantage of his generosity.  He was coerced to make several phone calls from jail to various officials in power to safeguard the interest of those loyalists, which landed him in four more days of imprisonment.
Ganesh Kumar was once inducted in A.K.Antony Ministry in 2001 and while performing excellently as a transport minister, was forced to relinquish power in 2003 to accommodate his father.  Now, once again he is compelled to leave.  He was a loyal & affectionate son to his father.  Any father blessed with a lovely son like Ganesh Kumar will retire at once, when confronted with such a situation.  Hope that better sense prevail upon the great orator and intelligent father.

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