Kerala chicken curry, a dish for all of the family to enjoy.

If you enjoy curries then there is every chance that you have already enjoyed eating a Kerala chicken curry. Curried poultry is delicious, the white meat is high in protein and it contains few calories.

In order to enjoy a Kerala curry to the full you might want to cook the dish the day before you intend to serve it, the spices infuse into the tender white meat and in actual fact it can be better eaten on the second day. Kerala chicken curry can be served in various ways, it is good served with bread, roties or rice and Chicken Kerala is fabulous served with Dosa or Idiyappam. The list of ingredients may appear lengthy but a Kerala chicken curry is not difficult to prepare.

Ingredients for a Kerala chicken curry:

Choose one whole chicken if you are able to bone it yourself otherwise buy fresh chicken breasts.
250g of finely sliced shallots
One heaped dessertspoonful of thinly sliced ginger
Eight cloves of garlic – finely sliced
Six green chillies – sliced into half and deseeded
Three heaped dessertspoons of coriander powder
One teaspoon of turmeric powder
Two heaped dessertspoons of chilli powder
One heaped dessertspoon of garam masala
One half of a teaspoon of powdered fennel seeds
Four hundred ml of coconut milk – fresh or canned will be fine
Cooking oil/Olive oil
Seasoning to taste

Method for making a Kerala chicken curry:

Take a large deep frying pan.

Place the thinly sliced ginger and the finely sliced garlic cloves into the pan with a spot of oil.

Add the fresh chopped chillies and the finely sliced onions to the pan and cook them through for a couple of minutes.

Put a few drops of warm water into a mug.

Put the coriander, chilli and turmeric powder into the warm water in the mug and mix them into a paste.

Add the spicy paste to the frying onions, chillies, ginger and garlic.

Take a spatula or a wooden spoon and turn the spicy Kerala chicken curry paste until the oil starts to break away from the spices.

Now add the diced chicken pieces to the pan keep the heat low and let the meat cook through gently.

Add the powdered fennel seeds and the garam masala to the mixture in the frying pan.

Continue to fry the Kerala chicken curry paste for a couple of minutes.

Add one half of the coconut milk to the pan and stir it in thoroughly.

Keep cooking the Kerala chicken curry until the poultry is completely cooked.

To test to see if the meat is cooked through take the point of a knife, place it into a piece of chicken and check that the juices run clear.

Add the remainder of the coconut milk and cover the pan with a lid.

Let the Kerala chicken curry simmer for ten minutes before serving.

Kerala chicken curry makes a great supper dish that all of the family can enjoy. Cook your Kerala chicken curry the day before and make life easier than ever.

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