How to Start an Interior Design Business

Every one wants their houses and offices to be beautiful at the same time not everybody has a design sense to decorate their own house/office interior. This is where you can start you own Interior Design Business from scratch. Improving and designing a house and its interior can be a taunting task but if you have the interest and talent to do it then it is time to learn how to start an Interior Design Business of your own.

First let us look into the qualification you will require to start setting up your business. As far as decoration or designing is concerned, your talents are the most valuable qualifying factors.

If you are talented, then you do not require a degree or even a diploma. The interior design industry has been growing and will be growing in the coming years which are a good signs for those who are planning to set their foot into this business.

Let us now see how to start an interior design business from home:

The need is plenty for this kind of businesses in the present market. You will need to be more organized and should be capable of planning and visualizing the after-effects of your designing before you even start working on the interiors of your clients.

Some clients might require you to design just their living room, others might wish to decorate or re arrange their kitchens; whatever the task might be, you should be ready to research and learn the particular area of interior decoration and design as there is always new technology and updates in the style, materials, and equipments.

Even though no degrees are needed for this business in particular, in each county the government has imposed laws for contractors or interior decorators to register and fill in particular forms for enrollment of the business. Just like any other business there is always a registration and official part involved which changes from country to country and state to state, so I am not mentioning it here.

More houses are bought, built and redesigned every day which creates great amount of opportunities for interior decorators. As a designer or decorator you should be able give the space a different look according to the clients’ needs and wishes.

When you are starting out you can contact your close ones, neighbors, and other people whom you can talk to easily about your business. A client might ask you to visit their house/office to take a look and give them ideas on improving the space if you are pitching in for a project. This can be considered as an opportunity to depict your talents as an interior decorator.

As mentioned earlier, time management is very important; unlike most of the small business this business will require a lot of onsite monitoring and execution.

It is important that you keep up the appointments with your clients since everybody’s time is precious in this business.
When making a quotation for such projects you should always study the present market rates. Most of the people you talk to might say that interior decorators are making a lot of money from projects in your area. If it is true you can expect a lot of competition and if the claim is not true then you will have to find out why, and make sure you can make profits with this business before you even enter it.

Making deals with wholesalers in furniture, kitchen equipments, curtains etc. can turn out to be very profitable in this business. Budgeting is very important part in this business even before you start the project.

You should have the following talents or capabilities to start this business:

1. Basic idea about construction and plans
2. Knowledge about fabrics and clothing
3. Different kind of lights and lighting equipments
4. Usage of right furniture in the proper places
5. Basic idea about flooring
6. Must have good color sense
7. Very good planning and organizing capabilities
8. Cost of Service

As we have discussed in other business models, this is something that changes from place to place and time to time. I will explain the reason. The price of a service depends on the need and availability. If your business is in demand in the market, then you could charge a good price but if it is a saturated market with lots of competitors then it is time to give some discounts, or offer more valued services than others around in your locality.

As an interior designer your quote should be minimal and economical as you enter the market. Once you have established yourself and clients come in search for you, you might find it hard to deliver all the clients and this is when you can increase your rates per hour to filter out clients that do not pay what you ask for.

Marketing Interior Design Business:

The best place to start marketing your service is to your close ones, family, friends, and neighbors as usual.

Ask customers for referrals or recommendations as a token of their support. Do hand them a few of your business cards. Getting things done in a professional manner will always leave a good impression with your clients. Have a quote printed and delivered to them in your company letterhead. Give them a branded invoice. You could download the templates below and customize them according to your requirements.

Using flyers in your locality can increase your exposure. Find suppliers for the goods that you will require in the business and make a deal with them to advertise your service and in return you could buy from the supplier when you work for your clients. Most suppliers will agree to this form of mutually benefited deals.

Make a portfolio by creating video or photo album of your previous work. Always ask your clients permission before sharing photos of their homes or offices to others.

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