How to Start a Window Cleaning business

Window Cleaning Business need not be explained to anyone as we all know that this business can be very profitable if run efficiently. The best part about window cleaning business is that it can be done for schools, companies and even houses. There are a lot of possibilities in this arena as it is hard for most of the common people to clean windows above ground floor. Taking this as an advantage can deliver you better results, but this can also be a problem when it comes to recruitment.

Let us now see how to start a window cleaning business from home:

Just like any other business, the necessity of a business arises when there is a need or help required. Most people do not have the time to clean their house windows as they might not have the required tools or do not just wish to dirty their hands in doing something they do not know well. As far as companies goes, there might be cleaning staff but cleaning windows are not part of their job most of the time.

One of the major problems that you might run into while doing this business is the problem of high-storied buildings and unreachable heights. Again, there are lot of alternatives and solutions for this kind of problem. Using ladders, cranes, and cleaning poles will help you reach places where you cannot reach by hand.

Another major challenge is to prevent the properties from getting damaged during the process. Glass windows are easy to break unless taken utmost care in handling them or handling tools near them. Safety should be given utmost care when accepting such projects. It is better to avoid risky glass cleaning projects than to end up in hospitals or court.

If you are just starting out and trying to gain experience it is always recommended that you work with ground floor glass cleaning projects rather than higher level works. I have never worked in this industry but after a small conversation with a few people that I know in this field, I have come up with a few must-have tools and items if you are starting a window cleaning business,

Must Have Tools and Equipments:

1. Ladder (step ladder recommended) – to reach higher places. (No pun indented)
2. Sponges- to wipe windows clean.
3. Detergents – cleansing agents.
4. Buckets – to mix detergents, water and other chemicals.
5. Poles to reach higher places. To reach places where your hand alone cannot reach.
6. Scrubbers – for those dirty windows.
7. Mopes- to clean the floor after cleaning the windows.
8. Scraper – to remove stickers, papers etc from windows.

Transportation is another part when you have many tools but most of this cost can be included in the quote for cleaning.

You can find Window Cleaning Kits in most of the hardware stores with which you can start your business. Try to get help from friends who are interested in helping you out. Family members can help you in paper work or marketing.

The major part of your window cleaning business grows as your knowledge in the business increases. The more you learn about the business the more it will turn profitable. Learn about new tools, equipments and methods of window cleaning through books, news, and similar companies of people. Practice by cleaning your own house windows or offer free service to your neighbors. If they like it then your customers will too.

Avoid setting up a big business before you can afford to do so. See profits first, then scale up which will be something I always will be recommending.

Cost of Service:

This is something that changes from place to place and time to time. I will explain the reason: The price of a service depends on the need and availability. If your business is in demand in the market then you could charge a good price but if it is a saturated market with lots of competitors then it is time to give some discounts or offer more valued service than others around in your locality.

Marketing Window Cleaning Service:

The best place to start marketing your service is to your close ones, family, friends and neighbors as usual. Another important thing to remember is start in your locality where you need not use a vehicle for transportation along with your tools.

Ask customers for referrals or recommendations as a token of their support. Do hand them a few of your business cards. Getting things done in professional manner will always leave a good impression with your clients. Have a quote printed and delivered to them in your company letterhead. Give them a branded invoice. You could download the templates below and customize them according to your requirements.

You will find below:
Sample Business Logo Template with Photoshop Source Files to Edit
Business Card Template with Photoshop Source Files to Edit
Letterhead Template with Photoshop Source Files to Edit
Website Template

Free Window Cleaning Business Logo Template :

For those business owners or those who wish to create a brand around their window cleaning business here is a template including editable text. You can edit the text and use them as you wish.


File Details:

Font Used:  Georgia

Resolution: 300dpi


Will soon update with Letterheads…



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