How to start a new fitness gym

When starting a new fitness gym there are many factors to be taken care of. I have divided the whole process in three parts.
Let me tell you about the easy parts first:


It would necessary for you to purchase the mandatory walls and roof first before you think about how to start a new fitness gym.

Here’s how you begin:

1. Find yourself a nice, quiet, warm and comfortable room large enough for the number of people you are planning in your gym.
2. Purchase carpets, install air conditioners, ventillators, lighting and other important fixtures.
3. Take care of the washroom facilities and also ensure that there is drinking water available.


Here’s how you go about it:

1. Decorations are nothing but the machines and equipments that are required in your gym.
2. Do purchase basic equipments such as dumbbells as well as advanced mini gyms. Remember that you should have equipments for every type of workout.


Here’s how you pull people towards your new gym:

1. Get a good digital camera and shoot actual pictures of your gym from various favourable angles.
2. Get busy on a picture editing software (say something like Adobe Photoshop) and make a nice attractive poster.
3. Add a few flowery words, say, something to the likes of “ABC GYM – YOUR BODY WE SHALL TRIM”. It just needs to grab the attention of the people.
4. In a small section on the poster, add the innumerable benefits of working out in a gym.
5. Distribute the posters at various social occassions. You may even mail (regular or email) them to potential members.
7. You may even build a website where you can upload more pictures of your gym and mention the web address on the poster.

You shall have to work tremendously hard in order to make your venture a success. You may even hire trainers to give your members the added service of a professional looking after their body. Slowly expand your gym as your members start increasing and very soon you shall recover your investment and probably look to set up new branches even!

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