How to Relieve Sinus Pressure

Sinus pressure is the pain or pressure arising out of stuffed sinus cavities.  Usually the sinus cavities are empty, hollow spaces, but when the mucus build up there it gets congested obstructing the airflow and gives way to a feeling of pressure.  The pressure in the sinuses would precipitate a headache, pain in different points of the skull including the back of the skull and cheek bones.

Sinus pressure makes one feel uneasy and if aggravated could interfere with the daily activities.  Sinus congestion is aggravated during cold weathers and also during the times when one has a fever or cold.  Usually it gets relieved by its own if it is accompanied by a cold or fever but for the immediate relief you can try some of the below given remedies.

How to get rid of sinus pressure?  The most used method for an immediate relief is using the steam.  Boil the water, add a drop or two of eucalyptus oil keep the pot of steaming water on a table, cover your head and the pot with a thick towel and inhale the steam that is medicated with the eucalyptus oil.  You could use this as much as you could tolerate or for a few minutes.  Immediately you will feel relieved and sweated out.  The phlegm also might start coming out from the back of your throat.  After the steaming process, you could lie down for a few minutes and take rest.

Another very powerful and authentic method that is used in Ayurveda is Nasya.  This is adding a few drops of medicated oil called Anu Thaila into each nostril, inhaling it and then immediately the phlegm will start coming out.  Doing this for a few days is very effective for clearing your sinuses and also for the overall health of your head, eyes, nose, and skin.  This should be done under the care of an Ayurvedic physician only for the first few days and then once you learn the technique and you are comfortable with it, you could do it at home by yourself.

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