How to Make Washing Dishes at Home an Interesting Process

Are you the one who never had to wash dishes or do any household chores all through your life and suddenly got into a situation where you have no choice but have to do it?

Are you the one who wants to run away seeing the pile of unwashed utensils in the kitchen sink and do not know how to deal with it?

Do not worry, I was just like you and since I had no choice, I had to learn how to go about it, bit by bit, and now dishwashing at home is one of my favorite activities. Read on to know how.

Dishwashing Made Interesting

Things needed: Liquid dishwasher soap, two kinds of scrubbers, one the regular one and the second with steel wires for the stubborn food particles stuck on to the vessels, music ( you can use either your phone or your music system).

It is easier if you have a double sink. In one sink you can fill the water upto the half level and add a few drops of soap liquid and create bubbles. The second sink you can fill the water to the half level or even slightly higher to rinse the dishes.

Put on the music, let it be a bit of peppy number.

Now take one vessel, dip it in the first sink with bubbles and water (it is good if the water is slightly warm).

Scrub the dish well and rinse in the bubble water again and put into the second tub, rinse it in the freshwater filled in that tub, and keep it aside. Repeat for the rest of the dishes.

If you feel the water has become too dirty, let the water escape through the sink holes and fill it again with fresh water.

While doing the dish washing, for extra motivation, you could think that you are going to lose a few hundreds of calories and it is akin to working out in the gym for a few minutes.

Another style is without music, just being in the moment, and watching every movement of your hands, being totally in the present moment, like a meditation with your eyes open and just observing your thoughts. After you are finished with the chore, you will find out that you are more calmer and refreshed.

Try this the next time you wash your dishes and let me know how you felt about it. Happy Dishwashing!!

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