How to Make Thai Chicken Curry

If you are trying to find a piquant curry with a creamy sauce then a Thai chicken curry may be the perfect dish. Thai chicken curry is wonderful when served with Basmati or Thai Jasmine rice. In Thailand they enjoy to eat the curry with `Kanom Jeen` noodles. In years gone by it was customary to cook the curry using a whole chicken but diced chicken breasts are perfect for the dish.

How to Make Thai Chicken Curry

Ingredients for Thai chicken curry:

One large skinless chicken breast

A half a pound of aubergine

One heaped dessertspoon of red curry paste

Two full cups of water

One mug of coconut milk

Two dessertspoons of fish sauce

A couple of sprogs of fresh Basil

How to Make Thai Chicken Curry – Methods

Method for making Thai chicken curry:

Dice the chicken breast into bite sized pieces.

Wash the Aubergine and cut it into bite sized pieces.

Take a large pan and put half of the mugful of coconut milk into it.

Turn the heat on low under the coconut milk.

Add the dessertspoonful of red curry paste to the warm coconut milk and stir it in well.

Keep stirring the milk until you see tiny bubbles appearing on the surface.

As the milk heats the red curry paste will generate little red oil bubbles on the surface.

When this happens add the bite sized chunks of raw chicken to the pan.

Make sure that the chunks of chicken get fully coated in the sauce.

The chunks of chicken will soon begin to turn white on the outside, when this happens it is time to add the chunks of Aubergine.

Then add the water, the fish sauce and the remainder of the coconut milk to the pan.

Keep the pan over the heat until the chunks of eggplant start to go darker in colour. As the Aubergine turns dark it begins to tenderise.

The curry should be kept on a moderate heat so that the Aubergine tenderises to the point whereby it starts to fall apart. The disintegrating Aubergine will enrich and thicken the Thai chicken curry sauce.

At this point the Thai chicken curry is almost ready to serve. If you happen to have any Lime leaves then the flavour is enhanced further by adding one or two.

How to Make Thai Chicken Curry- Serving

Serving the Thai chicken curry:

Ladle the Thai chicken curry into bowls and decorate with a sprig of fresh Basil.


There are various types of Thai chicken curry and they include Thai yellow chicken curry, Thai green chicken curry and Thai red chicken curry. There are many other very popular recipes for Thai chicken curry that you might want to try; these include Thai Massaman curry and Thai Penang red curry. If a curried dish is created using red chillies then it is referred to as a red curry, a dish cooked using yellow chillies is known as a yellow curry and a spicy treat created using green chillies is known as a green curry.

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How to Make Thai Chicken Curry

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