How to make money as a stay at home mom

The days have changed from when it was enough for one family member to earn a decent income for the family. Most the of the families these days struggle financially with just the father going for work and the mother staying at home looking after the children. This phenomenon has led to the stage where a family requires more income and which finally leaves the mother searching for a surplus income source.

When a family goes through such a financial struggle it affects the entire family’s lifestyle. At this stage mothers of such family decide to work from home using the skills they have or learn new skills that will provide them with regular income other than their husband’s income which will help them run the family smoothly.

Many mothers ask the question of how to make money as a stay-at-home mom. This is a very difficult question to answer without knowing the skill range and potential talents of a person, but there are many ways to make use of these talents. Learning small skills can help parents take care of child care and parenting expenses.

The advantage of being a stay-at-home mom who can make money is that you can work according to your timing. If you have extra time to work then you can earn extra money which means additional income to the family. If you are good at something you just require a very little time to execute a task related to it, which again means more work in less time and more money. Another advantage for a mom who makes money staying at home is that you can work independently rather than working under other people or bad tempered boss whom you would prefer getting rid of with the help of a freelance assassin (just joking). Independent contracting is one of the major sources of income for stay at home moms.

Here are a few ideas if ever asked how to make money as a stay at home mom:

Do you love cooking? Does everyone love your cooking? Or do you know secrets recipes from your mom or grandma?
If there is a yes for any of the questions above you are golden! And if there is no yes, do not worry, I will tell you a way to become at least a silver! Making recipe book is one the main income for many part timers online. If you have a recipe or a collection of recipes that you believe in, it is time that you put them into use.

Write down each recipe separately on a word document or Open Office Writer (Free). You will have to name each recipe with a title and add a small description. You can add images if you have a digital camera, if you do not have one just buy the cheapest camera you can get hold of in the local market.

Once you have the title and a small description you will have to add the ingredients for the recipe. A list style always works for this section. After the ingredients you will need to add the preparation method and you could also add a conclusion to make a perfect ending for the recipe lesson. You could create a recipe book with at least five unique and special recipes. Now that we have the book content created we will see how it can be converted to a profitable product.
Selling the recipe books through an affiliate market like click bank is a way to make money as a stay at home mom. You can learn more about click bank here.

Another way of monetizing your recipes is by making videos and posting on YouTube. You need to have a video camera to make videos for your recipes; you could just add the photos and steps of preparation into a slideshow and export them as videos. It can be done using basic software like windows movie maker or imovie maker on Mac.

If you are good at writing then it is a good option to make money as a stay-at-home mom by writing articles, press releases, and blogs. You could start a freelance writing career with no upfront cost and it will soon provide you with good income to support your family. You can sign up at any freelance website like,, etc and create a profile including your portfolio or sample work. Initially you will have to bid low on the projects available and deliver with excellent quality to get good feedback from the buyers. After providing writing for some time and earning valuable feedbacks you could increase your per-hour-rate or cost of work according to your requirement.

Making money from Virtual Assisting is similar to freelance writing but involves more of small tasks which are repetitive and boring. Virtual assisting will include helping clients with their simple works like customer service, planning, researching for their products or content preparation for blogs etc.

Stay-at-home moms can start their own small-scale businesses from home like providing custom handmade clothing, jewels etc. There are amazing ways to sell online these days using the power of social media networks. The online e-commerce market is blooming and opportunities are wide open for making money sitting right in the comfort of your home.

Planning is very important for making money as a stay-at-home mom because you will need to take care of the children, prepare food for the family and all other household work. The best time to go into hard core work at home is when you husband is at home so that he can take care of the children while you can work comfortably for few hours a day. Another perfect time for a stay at home mom to work is when the kids are not at home for example the school timing would be perfect.

When you work from home it is really important that you allocate a room or desk for you work alone so that you get into the flow every time you get to that place. This habit can increase the efficiency considerably.

Working from home has a lot benefits as well as disadvantages but taking income and lifestyle to another level requires hard work and motivation.

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