Hornets’ nest-No more a worry

“Stir up a hornets’ nest”, “stone a hornets’ nest ‘etc. are age-old phrases or idioms to indicate inviting troubles unnecessarily. Many human-beings were either killed or injured due to hornet bites. Most of the incidents happened without any pre-indication of such a calamity. However, it is noticed that several of these incidents could have been avoided by using simple methods of killing these dangerous species of bees in their nest itself.

The common method now in practice is to fire the nest. However, it is not a safe procedure in most of the cases. It may affect few hornets, but many of them will escape leaving the person who ignites the fire prone to hornets’ bite which may ultimately cause a death or serious injury.

Here, I would like to narrate an experience of mine to the benefit of our readers. I had a cottage in a remote tourist village. One day it was noticed by one of my employees that a handful of hornets were there in our premises with a fine nest. I was told that it was highly dangerous to approach the nest since those hornets can attack us any time. The known remedy was to ignite fire to the nest. Since the cottage was made of costly wood and the ignited fire may destroy the entire cottage I thought of planning another method. I had already heard several stories about troubling a hornet’s nest; a coconut-tree climber fell and died on ground due to the bite of hornets is one of them. I had to try a new method. There was no other alternative since I do not want to risk anyone’s life for the sake of my costly cottage.

I volunteered to take the risk. I covered myself on the face and the full body and tried a commonly available insect spray on the nest. Several of those hornets inside the nest came out to me with a vigour to kill me but I kept on spraying the insect-spray coming to bite me. Ultimately, it was my turn to rejoice since the insects were totally ambushed from the nest.

This post comes in the wake of a newspaper report that a few people were killed and a few were seriously injured due to hornets’ bite. I am not here to promote any brand of mosquito killing spray but to make you aware that it was once tried by me successfully. You may also try it, but with adequate caution.

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