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Every author or publisher will absolutely require a book cover for their books, may it be online or offline. With the increase of technology and online publishing platforms, it is now very easy and cost-effective for publishers or authors to publish their books online. Most of the new authors and less established others are always on a tight budget and when it comes to creating a good design for their book covers, it seems difficult.

The only option that was available for budget-oriented self publishers was to use a promotional and experienced book-cover designer which would have cost more than $500 or much more, but with the introduction of sites like Fiverr, other micro job sites and freelance sites, the cost of creating an e-book cover has gone from $500 to less than $5.

Learning to create an e-book cover is not a big task but getting a program like Photoshop will cost around the same as having a professional designer and learning everything for just a small task is time-consuming and not possible for most of the authors or publishers. It is a bit difficult to create a good e-book cover unless you are an experienced artist and a writer.

When we first created our e-book, actually a report, we went through the same experience and had a lot of difficulty finding a good quality free book-cover designer. We actually wanted a book cover and a 3-D e-book cover that we could use to visualize our e-book. We knew that even though it is said “a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover” most of the people best evaluate the quality of the book by its cover.

We understand that every designed professional e-book cover can increase the downloads of sales of our e-book considerably high.

After designing an e-book cover ourselves with open-source software, we decided that it is the best way to help authors and self publishers by providing it for free.

A few things that we would like to mention about creating free e-book covers are:

  1. The images, artwork or photographs used should be original and should be yours.
  2. E-book cover should be of good resolution which will avoid pixel blur.
  3. Title of the book should be easily legible even at small sizes.
  4. Artwork, images, or the photographs should convey something about the content.
  5. The colors can be bright but pleasant to the eyes.
  6. The fonts used must be clear and powerful.

If you are planning to outsource and is short on budget then it would be worth trying the following methods to get your e-book cover designed.

1.Use the form below to enter your requirement and we will send you a designed e-cover for FREE:

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2. Use

Just signup on the site for free and you could create an e-book cover design all by  yourself by just following the instructions.


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