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The gold rate in Kerala is offered by a number of financial institutions which can be referred to, to get an idea of the correct rates as of today. For most Indians one of the investments most popular is gold.

It is a traditional investment for people in Kerala and in the world it is one of the largest commodities. For bridging the gap between the customers need for purchasing gold and availability of money in an organized manner and to satisfy the desire to purchase gold, two components that is convenience and reliability have been taken care of by ICICI Bank.

Steady Increase

The gold rate in Kerala has been seeing a steady increase over the years just as in different parts of the country. If a gold purchase is made via the online source then you could get a denomination discount ranging from 1 gram and 2/5 gm. at 3%, 5gm and 8 gm. at 6% and 10 gm. to 20g at 8%. The gold in 25 K is imported by ICICI Bank from Switzerland is Assay Certified to the extent of 99.99%.

As per the standards at international levels, this signifies its level of purity at the highest. Depending upon the regular rates offered in the bullion market internationally, prices of Pure Gold are being offered at ICICI Take a look at our guide to buying health buy-detox.com to learn more about choosing the right plan for you, your family and your business in 2014. Bank. In different categories Pure Gold is available at ICICI Bank. Plans are being made to introduce gold denominations in other categories as well.

Use the Internet

For the best prices of Pure Gold at ICICI use internet banking and you can get to know of gold rate in Kerala at its select branches. Bank ATMs of the ICICI bank cannot be used for availing gold rates.

The cost of 0.5 gold is 1986.65 while 10g costs 35221.29 at ICICI Bank in Kerala. The coin in 50g is priced at Rs.157325 Gold coins can be purchased right from 4g to 50g which is exclusive of VAT or Sales Tax, as well depending upon the requirement.

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