Emergence of young entrepreneurs India

Employees to entrepreneurs

Sounds good! But how many of us would love to leave the cabin of our office and take the risk of being an entrepreneur?” Very few “if that is your answer sorry to disappoint you , the answer is  – a big chunk! Gone are the days when people felt being an employee is risk free and the best thing to be done.

Emergence of young entrepreneurs India

With the cost of living touching unprecedented heights and the brand rage gripping our lives we all feel its always good to earn a bit more and the bit more gradually wins over with the greatest advantage – being your own boss. Flexible timings, creativity, urge to earn and above all to stand apart from the  crowd inspires the gen Y to be on their own . With various funding options available from leading financial institutions, and venture capitalists dropping in from various parts of the world, finances no longer pose a problem.

Recent stats show that almost 65-70 % of the top B school grads prefer entrepreneurship to a regular desk job, despite the high salary packages, job security and other benefits.

The gen Y entrepreneurs are anxious to make the maximum of the online medium which they consider to be a goldmine of opportunities. From online order of T shirts to books and deals ,  name it and you get it on web. Keerthana , an avid  young online shopper puts forth – “ loitering around malls are curbed to a very great extent as there is a wide array of options available at the convenience of a click”. With the online market taking over , striking the right place at the right time can generate great benefits to these investors. But is online the only option- definitely not , since we notice a mushroom growth of educational institutions and service providers.

Speaking of young start ups how can we forget Food King Sarath Babu who started off with a meager capital and has branches in all major parts of the city. We also have a group who do business as an alternate source of income and manage both the streams parallel to each other.

Doing a double show or taking a full risk whatever said and done Entrepreneur  the word definitely has a bit of glam and glitter to it.


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