Easy ground turkey recipes

After the turkey has all but been demolished you may find yourself searching for some very easy ground turkey recipes. Watching the family enjoy a roast turkey meal is rewarding but at the end of the day you are left with a large carcass that is covered in meat that can’t be wasted.

The majority of families enjoy quick healthy meals such as turkey burgers or turkey chilli and these are two very easy ground turkey meals that require little preparation and they are quick to cook. Both of these meals can be cooked using raw or leftover cooked turkey meat.

The first of the easy ground turkey recipes is tasty and satisfying. Most people enjoy a spicy chilli served with rice, pasta or garlic bread. Ground turkey is fairly bland meat that lends itself to an infusion of spices.


One pound of ground turkey
One tin of chopped tomatoes
One tin of chilli beans
One red onion
Two dessertspoons of chilli powder
Three cloves of garlic
One large pinch of oregano
One large pinch of Cayenne pepper
One large pinch of Ground Cumin
One large pinch of Paprika
Salt and black pepper
Ten fluid ounces of chicken stock
A dash of Olive oil

Peel the red onion and chop it finely
Peel the three cloves of garlic and chop them finely

Place a large cast pan on the stove over a medium heat
Add a dash of olive oil to the pan
Place the diced onion into the pan with the ground turkey
Take a spatula and blend the meat and onion together, cook until the meat and onion are nicely browned
Add the cayenne pepper, paprika, chilli powder, oregano, cumin and garlic to the pan
Keep frying and turning the meat and spices until they are fully blended
Add the can of tomatoes to the pan
Add the chicken stock to the pan
Lastly add the can of chilli beans to the pan
Let the meat and spices in the pan heat up whilst stirring all of the time
Turn the heat down low and let the contents of the saucepan simmer for twenty five minutes

Serve the spicy meat dish with pasta, rice, garlic bread, cornbread or ordinary crusty bread.
This is one of those easy ground turkey recipes that is ready in no time.



The second of the easy ground turkey recipes is for ground turkey burgers, a delicious meal that children will love. The burgers are quick and easy to make and are great served with potato wedges. This recipe makes four good sized burgers.

One pound of ground turkey meat
Two ounces of white bread crumbs
One teaspoon of finely chopped parsley
A dash of Worcester sauce
One tablespoon of creamy mayonnaise
One half of a beaten egg
Salt and black pepper
A dash of Olive oil

Place the ground turkey into a large bowl
Add the finely chopped parsley, the dash of Worcester sauce and the finely chopped parsley to the ground turkey
Take a spatula and blend the meat, parsley and Worcester sauce together
Place the breadcrumbs into the meat mixture and add the beaten egg and the mayonnaise
Mix the contents until they bind together
Divide the mixture into four portions
Flour your hands and shape each of the portions into a patty
Place the turkey burgers into the refrigerator for a while to chill
Place a large heavy bottomed frying pan over a medium heat
Add a dash of Olive oil to the pan and let it heat
Place the meat patties into the frying pan and cook them for three or four minutes on each side
The turkey burgers should be cooked through and look crisp and golden on the outside

Place each burger in a warm bread bun. Serve the burgers with a salad and coleslaw.


Potatoes wedges are yummy, plain wedges are good but garlic wedges are even better. Lots of cooks have their own way of cooking potato wedges but this method is quick and easy and these wedges make the perfect accompaniment for the ground turkey burgers. This recipe serves four people.

Two pounds of potatoes
Two cloves of garlic
A dash of Olive oil
Sea salt
Ground black pepper

Heat the oven to 190 degrees
Give the potatoes a good wash under cold running water and remove any blemishes or eyes
When you cut the potatoes into wedges bear in mind that large wedges taste far better!
Place the wedges into a roasting pan that has been brushed with Olive oil
Peel the cloves of garlic and press them
Take a pastry brush and brush the crushed garlic over the potato wedges
Place the roasting pan in the oven and leave the wedges to cook for about thirty minutes
During the cooking time turn the wedges using a slice
As the potato wedges cook they tend to stick to the pan, if this happens you may lose some of the lovely crispy potato skin that forms

Stick the point of a small kitchen knife into one of the large wedges to make sure that they are cooked right through
Serve as soon as they come out of the oven.

Ground turkey burgers and ground turkey chilli are two very simple ground turkey recipes. Many people find themselves having to create a quick wholesome meal in very little time and both of these recipes fit the bill. There are lots of other easy ground turkey recipes that are worth trying out. The turkey burgers could also be served with fried onion rings and mushrooms. If you are a family who enjoys barbecued food then ground turkey burgers are ideal. Some of the easy ground turkey recipes are the best so try them for yourself and see.

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