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Web hosting

This is where we store all our files of our websites. Even though there are a lot of web hosting providers online, we should be careful in choosing the right one to make the most out of every money we spent on web hosting. Most of the people I meet and talk about hosting say that the first factor that they take into consideration before buying web hosting is the price. A lot of people buy the cheapest web hosting available, but they forget that theses providers are cheap for two reasons:

  1. They are awesome: If a hosting provider is providing unbelievable quality in service and offering cheapest rate then they might be having the highest number of customers in the field and they can afford to give reduced rates as they have enough orders to go beyond their profit margins.
  2. They are too bad: If a service is worst among the providers, they offer very lucrative and tempting price packages for hosting to capture as many people as possible. It most often becomes the trap to the unexpected and inexperienced buyers online.

Let us look into a few factors that should be looked into before purchasing a web hosting service:

The Uptime casino online and the Downtime

This is something that you need to look into seriously. Most providers claim to provide 99% uptime and 1% downtime. This is very good from the eyes of a buyer but most of the time the fact is that these values are displayed according to the locality. So it is best to find out what the uptime is around your locality. If a provider offers 90% uptime and you have an online business that makes $100 per day, the downtime is 10% annually which comes around 36 days of downtime a year. You lose $3600 per year for 10% of downtime.

Customer Service

Look out for sites that do not provide direct contact information. Most of them do but a few providers never provide features like live chat with customer service. Trust me; this is one thing you will always require. Technical help should be always one click away as you will be using it more often than a friendly chat with the sales department once before you buy the product.

Find out the telephone number and customer care number before purchasing from any provider. It is also advisable to call up and ask if they have a 24 hours technical helpline for future need.



Uptime should be between 98 to 99%.

Look for technical helpline and live chat features.

Price (Based on your budget).

Here is a list of good hosting providers I have used before and still use:

Bluehost (linux hosting)

HostGator (linux hosting)

Godaddy (Domains,linux and windows hosting)

For domains I would always refer

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Hope this solved your confusion in choosing the right web hosting provider.

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