Every morning driving towards a large park a little away from my home, is a cause of joy never experienced in my life.  Chanting of ‘Keerthanams’ from nearby houses brings my mind to calm.  Then I am watching all the big and small streets with at least one temple in each street.  Most of the house perimeter wall also holds many Ganesha idols.  In places where there is no temple, there will be framed photos of some God or Goddess.  With the temple it comes one or two old women sitting with flowers of different fragrances and colors tying the knots to make it a garland for the deity of the temple.  There can be a few petty shops nearby selling the homage materials too.
I see the newspaper boys throwing the news papers inside the gates, the milk boys, auto-rickshaws, motor cycles, bicycles, cabs, buses, cycle rickshaws etc. and the pedestrians waiting for the gaps to cross the road.  I park my car alongside the road a little away from the park and finds the park gate with a huge Siva idol welcoming me.  Once entered to the park, it is a different world.  All India Radio broadcasting songs praising the Gods, people of different walks of life walking through the foot path provided, some of them practicing yoga, some of them engaged in practicing Tennis or refreshing with their expertise in Karate or Tennis.  Some old men and women walking with sticks in their hands, some of them keep pieces of headphones in their ears listening to their own music or FM radio.  Some are sitting quietly on the benches provided, watching everyone or immersed in some other world or taking a morning sun bath.
After an hour’s walk I come out sweating and wading through the boys distributing brochures of some companies, some juice vendors, idly-vada stalls, herbal medicine sellers and a bee line of cycles, bikes and cars.  On my return journey to home I see several cycle rickshaws carrying kids to play schools, boys and girls waiting alongside the main roads to catch their school/college vans and buses.
The day has started and the people are busy running for the buses or TATA pick-ups to reach their offices or shops. The hectic day never cool down till 10.P.M.  Fish markets, fresh meat stalls, fresh vegetable shops and stalls, exclusive egg shops, oil shops, mega shops, hypermarkets and super markets, everything is there suiting to the pocket; even plenty of TASMAC liquor shops for the alcoholics.
A city lies on North East Coast of Bay of Bengal. It has a beach called ‘Marina Beach’-a six kilometer stretch, one of cleanest and lengthiest beaches in the world. It may be only city in the world to boast for a National park right inside the city. It is city of culture and great heritage. The city is adorned with Musical & Dance academies, Film shooting gardens, Film labs, Temples, Museums etc.
There is a job for everyone in the city.


Most of the hapless old women make money for their daily bread by making flower garlands for the temple visitors or by vending fruits, vegetables, banana leaves, fish etc.on the road side. Some other poor ladies work as housemaids, part time cooks etc. There are servants who earn up to Rs 8000/- per month!
Even being having the best literacy rate, the state is running short of manpower; may be a reason for high rate of migration from other states.  Now the city talks multi languages.  Having many SEZ and industrial zones, having several automobile companies, hardware and software parks, paint companies, mobile manufacturing companies etc. and having connections to the entire world by air, the city can boast of a lot of job opportunities to anyone, of any standard.  Everyone can get an accommodation of his choice and food of his/her standards.
Like many others who have come to Chennai from other states and made the city lucky for them, I too adore the city with all its pros and cons, and wish the city the very best for the future!

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