Why Tamil Cinema is opposing DTH Screening?

Yesterday’s Press meet of Kamal Hassan regarding the DTH issue was an emotional outburst. He tried to explain that he just postponed the release for his convenience and his DTH screening plan is there and he will not let down his DTH partners. Today’s press release confirmed that the Film will be released on 25th January through 500 screens throughout Tamil Nadu and he is silent on DTH screening that means decision still pending. Read more about Why Tamil Cinema is opposing DTH Screening?

Catching Fire book Review


Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen have triumphed in the Hunger Games. The Capitol has incredibly astringent rules and Katniss and Peeta managed to rise to glory by defying these rules. Victory is usually sweet but this conquest only serves to bring about a mass of mixed feeling. In one breath the triumph has ensured that their families no longer have to struggle to feel safe or go hungy but in the next breath Peeta and Katniss are being made aware that the subjects of the Capitol are considering an uprising. To their absolute horror Peeta and Katniss find that the hostility is aimed at them. The subjects of the Capitol are vengeful and outraged. Read more about Catching Fire book Review

anoop menon


I remember seeing Anoop Menon for the first time in a Malayalam serial by K. K. Rajeev as the character “Adi”.  He came across as a fresh face, very talented with a great, unique personality; struck to me as someone who had all the features of a typical cute son loved dearly by the parents.  It was evident that he was a star material and I did not hear much about him for a long time after that and then started spotting him in not so lengthy roles and was almost stereotyped as a good looking special-appearance actor. Read more about ANOOP MENON – EMERGENCE OF A NEW STAR