Maintaining an Awesome Blog

When we start to blog, we all have the dream of blogging everyday for every month and years to come and create a blog that is important and useful to everyone. The setting up and creating something new always is interesting but we soon lose the focus and stop maintaining the blog. When we write or work for some time and we do not get the results that we expected we tend to drop out of the practice. It happens in every field, not just blogging. Read more about Maintaining an Awesome Blog

Choosing the right web hosting provider

Web hosting

This is where we store all our files of our websites. Even though there are a lot of web hosting providers online, we should be careful in choosing the right one to make the most out of every money we spent on web hosting. Most of the people I meet and talk about hosting say that the first factor that they take into consideration before buying web hosting is the price. A lot of people buy the cheapest web hosting available, but they forget that theses providers are cheap for two reasons: Read more about Choosing the right web hosting provider

Free Ebook Cover Designs

Every author or publisher will absolutely require a book cover for their books, may it be online or offline. With the increase of technology and online publishing platforms, it is now very easy and cost-effective for publishers or authors to publish their books online. Most of the new authors and less established others are always on a tight budget and when it comes to creating a good design for their book covers, it seems difficult. Read more about Free Ebook Cover Designs