Catching Fire book Review


Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen have triumphed in the Hunger Games. The Capitol has incredibly astringent rules and Katniss and Peeta managed to rise to glory by defying these rules. Victory is usually sweet but this conquest only serves to bring about a mass of mixed feeling. In one breath the triumph has ensured that their families no longer have to struggle to feel safe or go hungy but in the next breath Peeta and Katniss are being made aware that the subjects of the Capitol are considering an uprising. To their absolute horror Peeta and Katniss find that the hostility is aimed at them. The subjects of the Capitol are vengeful and outraged.

Review of the book Catching Fire:

Catching Fire book Review

As you begin reading Catching Fire you realise that Peeta and Katniss have just come home after competing and winning the 50th Hunger Games. To win should feel good but they both have very mixed feelings regarding their victory. Yes they were successful and they should be filled with joy but the joy was short lived as soon as they discovered that the triumph had impacted on their private lives. Due to winning the Hunger games Katniss no longer lives in a rundown shack in the seam, now she occupies a mansion and instead of having nothing she has everything anyone could ever want. Peeta and Katniss visit all twelve districts to celebrate their victory and Katniss becomes aware of the luxurious lifestyle that they lead in the Capitol.  But winning the Hunger Games hasn’t brought Katniss an ounce of happiness, the good times she had with Gale are a thing of the past and to top it all Katniss has to try to fool everyone that she is romantically involved with Peeta. Katniss realises that life isn’t as sweet as it was meant to be and a part of her wants to turn back time. Katniss used some underhand practice to help her win the games and this has not gone unnoticed. Life as they know it will never be the same again as the Capitol are intent on watching their movements and in particular the whereabouts of Katniss.

Catching Fire is the second book of the trilogy and no one could describe it as a let-down. All three books make for easy reading but Catching Fire is in my opinion the most compelling of the three. Once I had started to read beste online casino the book I had a job to put it down!  The storyline moves swiftly and this ensures that you remain engrossed as you try to keep abreast of what is going on. Reading between the lines I felt sure that I was about to discover that there was romance in the air for Peeta and Katniss but my instincts were wrong.

There is no doubt that Peeta is deeply in love with Katniss and he has been for some time. But what kind of games has Katniss been playing? Katniss was desperate to gain popularity from those who had sponsored the Hunger Games and she wanted to curry favour with the audience and how was she going to do that? The answer was simple; Katniss was willing to lie her way through. President Snow became disillusioned with her and she conned the game makers. The president was wise enough to see through her and I soon realised that she was just fobbing people off with her lies. But the burning question had to be could she fool the futuristic nation of Panem?

Katniss is a typical teenager; she can’t make her mind up about anything or anyone. In fact Katniss made me feel quite mad at times but I still admired her! The more I read of Catching Fire the more I felt that she chose the wrong type of friend. But the one thing that filled me with admiration for Katniss was the loyalty she extended to all members of her family and her group of friends. I was left in no doubt that she would go to any lengths to protect them. Peeta and the rest of the characters in Catching Fire were much of the same ilk, confused with intriguing dimension of character.

The author Suzanne Collins cleverly takes the readers to great heights by maximising her characters. When the results of the Hunger Games were announced I was amazed to hear President Snow state that there were two winners both of who would go back to the stadium for the Quarter Quell. I was even more taken aback when President Snow said that the two returning to the stadium were one male and one female. By the time I had read this snippet of information I was climbing the walls with apprehension and I felt like yelling! This means one thing, Suzanne Collins has the knack of creating and inflaming the inner emotions of her readers.

Things that I adored about the book:

Catching fire has such a compelling storyline that generates every emotion possible. The characters in the book may be naïve and susceptible but the game that they compete in is certainly not either of those. In the main the characters that I consider likeable are the Careers and the Peacekeepers and I can relate to President Snow. The Capitol is filled with natives who are wide eyed and trusting so that makes it very tough to say that you don’t like them. While Katniss and Peeta are struggling to offer sanctuary to members of their family all natives of the Capitol are looking after number one. Yet again at this point in the book you feel that there is a very special if secret and undiscovered bond between Peeta and Katniss.

The one thing that made me fumes about the book!

Catching fire is an amazing story that has been written by a fantastic author. Yet again Suzanne Collins has left us suspended in mid-air! After finishing The Hunger Games I was nothing short of desperate to read Catching Fire so thank goodness I had Mockingjay ordered for my e-reader. I was desperate to read on!

My overall thoughts on the book entitled Catching Fire.

After reading the Hunger Games I became Suzanne Collins number one fan. You are swept into a dystopian world that is totally believable. Critics always say that authors are word artists and no one could doubt that Suzanne Collins author of Catching Fire is anything else. Her ability to create great characters is admirable and the Hunger Games trilogy is amazing.


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Catching Fire – The Hunger Games

Title of the book: Catching Fire

Book author: Suzanne Collins

Genre: Aimed at young adults,

Page Count: 391

Catching fire is in the following formats: ebook, Hardback, Paperback

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