Bribes, Scams, and Corruption In India – It Is PayBack Time Folks!

We had enough of bribery, black marketing and tax evasion. Politicians had enough fun with our hard-earned currency and creating family legacies with our toil. It is time for us to wake up and react; not with stones and strikes but with words and deeds.

A recent news article mercilessly described the death of a pregnant lady who delivered twins and passed away due to nonavailability of medical services, because they could not pay a bribe.  This is not something new, but how long will such things go on in our society? Have you ever thought? Well, this can and will continue only till we remain silent,  subdued, and dumb.  It is time to react; throw light on the actions that put our nation to shame.

India has been a developing country from the time we have known, but ever wondered even after so many years why are we not on the developed list?  The answer is very simple – money is being hoarded and smuggled to foreign accounts.

While hundreds of brilliant kids skip school to earn a livelihood, the money that can be used to help them is being looted from our treasury in the form of tax nonpayment and scams.   Such issues assume importance in our lives only when scams make way to the prime time of news channels where they are discussed for a few days and then are forgotten.  Anna Hazare and anti-corruption movements happen parallel.  Oh! yeah, we do wear Hazare caps, read articles, give “likes” and show our support, but then what else?.  The real support to such movement will happen only when all of us decide genuinely to overthrow this evil gripping our nation. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

If we all group together and go against the wrong doers they would not stand a chance.  The next time you need to get your bills passed or documents approved, make sure you have everything in place and stick to your decision of not bribing.  Throw light on incidents and people who follow such practices.   Social media platforms are gaining unprecedented attention, make use of such platforms and spread the message.   Start early:   Educate the young ones about corruption and its evils.   If such qualities are cultivated in the minds of young ones we can prepare a generation who would take our country to better heights.

We are the people who can make a change and the changes we create can create history!!.

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