Best Elliptical Machines – Horizon fitness EX-59

Are you thinking of buying an elliptical trainer or fitness machine to your home gym? This is a good thing to do.  You may have discovered that there are many of them out there, thus there is the need to look for the best. Thus, going for a reliable dealer will be a better option than going for a roadside marketer. Recent experience had shown that most of these roadside dealers don’t offer high quality products.   For lots of people, their houses are small and don’t have enough space. So finding room a room for this equipment can be a big challenge to such people.

While for some other people, whether the room is small, medium-sized or big, they must try the best they could to get a space for gym materials. If you truly know the importance of doing indoor exercises, you will always like to make a place for games whether in your home or office.  Daily work out will increase you blood level and strengthen your bones plus making you to look healthy all the time. The benefits are enormous.

If you search in the internet, you will get a wide range of friendly folding or compact trainers. The rate of these machines varies; some tend to be more costly than others. The prices range from $250 to about $1000. While a great majority of them are more than a $1000. Below are two high quality elliptical trainers you can choose from:

  • Horizon fitness EX-59– this trainer is accredited, credible and certified. It has a wide range of advantages, and this makes every trainer to be smooth while training. It is designed essentially for a home exercise, and reliable, durable and long lasting.


Past users have concluded at different times, that this is one of the best elliptical machines one can find in the market. The user weight capacity is about 275 Ibs. Definitely, any investment made on this machine will not be a futile effort, thus feel free to buy it any time any day and keep using it for your own healthy body build up. More so, it doesn’t occupy much space as some thought.

  • Schwinn 431 elliptical trainer– this is a nice machine that will be good for training; in fact training with this type of machine will be a satisfying experience. It is indeed flexible. There is very little stress placed on the knees and joints, more so, it is natural and smooth for both feet.

Actually, there are many companies that deals on this machine, the companies are scattered in the internet. A little research will show you those ones that sell this lucrative product at highly affordable or fair rates. Take the advantages involved in this machine today.


All we are saying is that you will never go wrong when you choose any of them. Try the best you can to do so today, and you will see the great difference. Elliptical machines are wonderful things to have!


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