Beet-Mint Cooler Recipe

This is a healthy, refreshing, and tasty drink which can be used to give your guests a pleasant surprise too as it is a rare combination and tastes unique. Ingredients:

Beetroot: Half portion of one whole beetroot.

Carrot: Half of one whole carrot.

Lemon: One-half of whole lemon.

Ginger: A small piece.

Mint (pudina) leaves: Three to four leaves.

Sugar/ground rock sugar: As needed for taste.

How to make: Cut beetroot and carrot, grind it in a mixer along with ginger and mint leaves. Strain it, add two glasses of water, squeeze the lemon, and add sugar. Take a pre-chilled long glass, pour the drink and serve. It looks a beautiful purple color loaded with nutrients from carrot, beetroot, mint, ginger, and lime.

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