Bavoottyude Namathil Film Review

Earlier times a movie released with the publicity through newspapers, film magazines, posters, and occasionally through radio too. With the emergence of private television channels, promotion of movies took a giant leap.

If a movie is to be released you can see the lead actors of the movie donning the judge’s seat of popular reality shows and before the show ends, somewhere they would have stated a few words about their newly releasing/released movie. Sometimes the
whole of the crew including the director, writer, lead actors, villains, producer, can be seen seated in a Television studio and talking about the movie, often blowing each other’s trumpet and yes, the people devour it as if manna from the heaven.

Advertisement is good for any product, it makes people aware of the product in the market, and if the product is good, everyone is happy, but when the product is a disaster, then the consumer feels cheated. Yes, that is what happened when I went to see the movie “Bavoottiyude namathil”.

I saw the promos in the TV, I saw Sri. Renjith and others talking about the movie, I saw the snippets, and yes, I liked what I saw. I booked an advance ticket, the show in the Chennai theater was only on Sunday afternoon and I went to see the
movie foregoing my Sunday afternoon nap(yes it is too precious for me to forego usually).

Within the first 15 minutes itself I felt the movie is lagging. Some scenes were purposeless, like the lead actor Mammootty doing the rehearsals for a movie inside the movie. How long can you show the shooting of a movie inside a movie without any purpose? I felt restless that the time is getting wasted. I thought there is something more substantial in the coming two hours, but nothing really happened. A film with no apparent story!

Coming back to the television promo, I saw the writer saying “we used to see Vineeth dancing in the award functions, but never won an award, so we wrote this so that he gets an award”. Wow! Never knew that an actor can get an award just because of the writer’s good story telling! Anyway, along with the other thousands or tens of thousands of malayalees all over the world, I too believed this time Vineeth is going to get an award, and yes, the very first scene where he was appearing, I did think he got a different role. But, to my dismay, after that first scene, he was just what he was doing all the time, being a lover, planning to get married secretly, running away as a coward when the girl’s brother threatens him,and coming back with an antihero touch in him. Nothing changed. No big chance to showcase his talent. I do not know if he was disappointed, but yes, certainly the audience was.

No concrete story, a loose screen play, and lack of a purpose made the movie a lousy watch. It can best be viewed in the television, but definitely not worth it to watch in a theater wasting your precious time and money.

There definitely are some positives. One is Kavya Madhavan. She has grownup now to enact the role of a homemaker, she did it with great maturity and involvement. It was a joy to watch the refinement in her. Her costumes were really apt to each scene and made her look aesthetic and natural.

The surprise package was Kaniha. The peculiar body language of the character was definitely not her real personality and she just lived the character. This is something of a “new generation” attitude, that leading ladies are ready to do any roles, even the de-glamorized ones; it just shows how this generation is taking up acting as a serious profession.

Mammootty was good as the simple, good-Samaritan though there is nothing much to say about him, it was not a challenging role for him so as to comment upon his acting skills.  Shankar Raman had immense screen presence, but the role was an extension of his role in “Spirit” the one of an understanding, large-hearted husband, except for a slight change here and there.

The lesson learnt? Never trust a television promo!

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