Are sinus infections contagious?

Sinusitis or sinus infection is the inflammation of the sinus area.  Sinuses are the hollow and empty area in anterior part of the skull, that is, the cavity around the eyes, nose, mouth etc.  When the sinus infection gets worse, the cheek bone, the bones on either side of the temples etc. will have pain on touching.  The mucus will get thick and infected that the condition makes one irritated, stuffy, and uneasy.  The color of the mucus too changes from white to yellow, dark yellow, and greenish as the infection advances.


The sinus infection is said to be caused by bacteria or virus.  Is sinus infection contagious?  No, they are not.  One need not worry that by being in close contact with the person with sinusitis will pass it on to the other person.  Sinus congestion can be followed or preceded by cold or fever and both of them are contagious, but the sinus infection as such will not be contagious.

An infected sinus could be recognized by the symptoms of headache, heavy-headed feeling, eye pain, stuffy nose, pain in the face etc.

Some people complain of sinusitis all through their life.  It is not really clear why some people have sinusitis lifelong, but it could be because of their body constitution.  One need to take medications and also clear the sinus congestion by inhaling steam and other suggested methods by a physician to manage the problem.  Once the sinus congestion is relieved, the pain also subsides.

If the sinusitis or the inflammation of the sinus is related to a viral fever or cold, there is nothing to worry at all, as it will get cured automatically once you recover from the fever or cold.

Sinus infections, bacterial or viral, long term or temporary, are not contagious.  If your colleague, friend, or your family member is having a sinus infection, no need to stay away and feel the guilt of it, because sinus congestion or sinusitis is never contagious as such, but an accompanying fever or cold might be contagious. So, one may watch out for the fever and the runny nose, but need not worry about the sinus infection as such.

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