Anxiety Symptoms In Men

Anxiety is usually seen in women but nowadays it is seen also in men. Anxiety is nothing but fear of  something that can or cannot happen in the future. Most people have the misunderstanding that anxiety cannot be treated without medication which leads to severe problems. We will look into few symptoms that can be found as anxiety symptoms in men.

Sleeplessness for insomnia

Anxiety causes tension and stress to a person can results in restlessness and less amount of sleep. The fear of what is going to happen will increase the tension which in turn makes the person unable to sleep. The difficulty in relaxing oneself leads to anger and short temper. Due to the lack of sleep a person can be tired or exhausted throughout the day. The body undergoes a tremendous amount of stress during the period of anxiety.

Respiratory Problems

A person with anxiety can have many problems due to the amount of stress on the body and mind. One of the major problems that a person can have due to anxiety is high blood pressure; it can also result in increased heart rate and other respiratory problems.


Upset stomach

Anxiety can cause psychological and physical changes in the body which leads to the release of different hormones that can cause loss of appetite or it certain times causes digestive problems. The hormonal changes can also lead to diarrhea as the body will be incapable of reacting to these changes and certain stress levels. The digestive system gets unbalanced due to the increased anxiety level.

Alcohol and drug intake

Anxiety can lead a man to the use of alcohol and drug intake. Most of the drugs and alcohol courses the person to lose his sense which might seem relaxing as he forgets about everything about his stress; this can be a very dangerous situation.

Anxiety In man

when a man is anxious, it can be easily found out by watching the irritability and anger frequency of the person. Lack of concentration and memory can also be symptoms of anxiety in a man. Lack of interest in work or motivation can also be caused by anxiety.

If you find any of these symptoms in yourself or anyone that you know it is best to take the advice of an experienced person or it is always better to consult a psychologist regarding this. Getting rid of anxiety symptoms in men can lead to a peaceful and healthy life.

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