I remember seeing Anoop Menon for the first time in a Malayalam serial by K. K. Rajeev as the character “Adi”.  He came across as a fresh face, very talented with a great, unique personality; struck to me as someone who had all the features of a typical cute son loved dearly by the parents.  It was evident that he was a star material and I did not hear much about him for a long time after that and then started spotting him in not so lengthy roles and was almost stereotyped as a good looking special-appearance actor.

Watching Anoop Menon as John in the malayalam movie ‘Beautiful’ was a delight!  From the raw, star material he has emerged into a shining star!  Yes, Anoop Menon is the new star in the Malayalam film industry with his natural acting and the powerful performance, and above all he is loved by the audience!
Any actor, however talented he is, only stays as long as he is loved by the masses.  Here Anoop Menon has slowly and steadily won the hearts of malayalees and I think he is there to stay.

He excelled in performing the character to the T, with the minute details intact.  He showed that he can handle an array of expressions, and I would say, he is an intelligent actor.
His strengths are numerous; his good looks, voice, mass appeal, etc., but it is now very important for him to choose the right role coming his way.  The film industry has a tendency to run after the person who has got the latest super hit and it is definite that Anoop Menon is in demand now.  Here, he needs to choose his next films carefully.  This is a big cross road for him and the next choice is very important for his career.
He should keep in mind his strengths and weaknesses and he is an actor who should be embraced by the Malayalam film industry with scripts written for him in their mind.  With the right scripts and right directors he will be an asset to the Malayalam film industry.
It is up to him to choose only to act as a hero henceforth or act in supportive roles also, but whatever he chooses, the underlying fact is that he should watch each steps while moving forward.
It is when one is successful that one loses his balance , becoming insensitive, or arrogant. These are the pitfalls for any actor and Anoop Menon at this juncture should keep all these things in mind so that he would not fall into any of these and move forward to higher successes with humility and gratitude.  All the bests for the brightly shining star, Anoop Menon!

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