AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener review

Having a drawer full of blunt knives is frustrating. If the blades on your kitchen knives have blunted over time then it is time to think about sharpening them. There are a lot of knife sharpeners on the market, some cost a fortune and others are completely useless. Years ago people used to hone their blades with sharpening steel or a flatstone but as everyone knows that takes time and energy and it also takes some getting used to.


AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener review


Buy an AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener and the stresses and strains of sharpening blunt blades are over. As a company Accusharp manufacture some good quality tools, the firm specialise in producing first rate sharpening tools. Every household should invest in a good sharpening tool and in this review we will work through the pros and cons of the AccuSharp tool.

Sharpening any type of blade can be difficult and dangerous but the AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener is a relatively safe tool to use. This knife and tool sharpener can hone may types of blade, ranging from an ordinary serrated kitchen knife blade right through to an axe. The gadget has a finger guard that runs the full length of the handle and the handle itself has been ergonomically designed to allow the apparatus to be used with the right or the left hand.

Trying to cut bread, meat or vegetables using a blunt blade is frustrating and time wasting; when the blade has been sharpened it slides through food making life simple. The blades fitted into the Accusharp 001 knife sharpener are made from Diamond honed Tungsten Carbide, hence the tool will last for many years to come. The company state that the sharpeners can be placed into the dishwasher to clean or they can be rinsed out in a bowl of soapy water. The especially designed blades will not rust.

The instrument is simple to use, the first thing to do is to lay your blunt knife on a flat surface blade facing up into the air. Hold the knife securely in one hand and grasp the sharpener with the other hand. Inside of the gadget you will see that the Diamond honed Tungsten Carbide sharpeners form a `V` shape. Place the `V` shape over the top of the blade and run the instrument along the full length of the knife blade. There is no need to exert any pressure on the sharpening tool, as it glides it sharpens. After swiping the blade through the sharpener once you may find that the blade has sharpened to a degree but it may need another swipe before it is restored to its former glory. In the first instance Detta ar en mycket bra och saker metod for att testa olika roulette system och se hur de fungerar i praktiken, och det ar ocksa en smidig metod for att lara sig olika roulette system sa att de sitter i ryggmargen och man inte behover anvanda sig av ”fusklappar”. you have to think `safety first`, ensure that you are in a comfortable position before you attempt to utilise the tool. You may need to use the apparatus a few times before you get the knack.

The edge of the knife blade only just comes into contact with the sharpening stones inside of the gadget hence the knife blade doesn’t wear unevenly or become scored with repetitive sharpening. When using steel or a flatstone to hone knives the blades usually get scored and parts of the knife blades become thin.

It is always helpful to watch an instructional video, look online, type AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener video into your browser and it will throw up a selection of valuable videos that teach you how to use the knife sharpener. These videos accentuate the powerfulness of the tool as well as showing you how to use the AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener in the proper manner. In the video you see exactly how to hold the knife in order to sharpen it which in itself is a very useful piece of information. It is easy to see why this gadget is used by craftsmen, cooks, gardeners and sportsmen.

The AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener is not an expensive product but it does pay to shop around. Compare prices on all of the major e commerce sites to find the best deal. By scouring the Internet for the best price it was possible to buy the knife sharpening tool for just under $10. The manufacturers state that the blades that are supplied in the sharpener should last for five years plus. Accushop offer replacement blades at the very affordable price of just under $7. Buy the AccuSharp knife sharpener with a set of replacement blades for around $18.

This inexpensive knife sharpening tool would make an ideal gift for a cook and in particular it would make a useful gift for men. Buying gifts for men can be tricky but this gadget could come in handy for many males. The product can sharpen knives of all shapes and sizes and best of all it is a portable lightweight gadget that takes up next to no storage room. Interestingly enough a user has stated that it is possible to reverse the sharpening blades in order to maximise their life. There is a safety aspect that needs to be pointed out, if you sharpen a knife please be aware that the blade may be like a razor so be careful before you do any type of finger test.

In particular it was interesting to note that people were using the tool to hone Bowie knife blades , in order to sharpen these large thick blades they reported it was necessary to exert a little extra pressure. Other users say that the tool works equally a well as any of the diamond embedded stone or ceramic sharpeners. It appears that consumers have seen the product in cook’s magazines and felt compelled to give it a try. On the negative side a user stated that they felt uncomfortable holding the knife blade upwards to sharpen it but that fear soon dissipated when they realised it looked more awkward than it was.

In conclusion it appears that the product is popular and it rates highly. The AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener is well –priced, capable tool.

AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener

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