A peek into brochure design in chennai – Part I

In this post we will see how to design a brochure using Adobe Indesign.We will start from scratch to exporting the brochure in PDF.

A peek into brochure design Chennai | Brochure design tutorial

Designing a brochure takes time and effort.The more we learn about the techniques we will able to advance more into the quality and standards.For a start this tutorial will go through designing a simple brochure.

Step 1. Open InDesign
Step 2. Click -> File -> New -> Document to start create a new document.
Step 3. Set the Document Orientation and Size.
Step 4. Now you will have the document created.
Step 5. Select the Type Tool
Step 6. Draw a rectangle to create a type selection.Type the desired heading text for the design.
Step 7. Using the type properties change the font and font size to suit the need.
Step 8. Select the rectangle frame tool.
Step 9. Draw a rectangle as place holder for image.
Step 10. Select the type tool and create another text frame.Add more text as required.
Step 11. Repeat the step 10 and input more text.
Step 12. Add another rectangle frame to the document.
Step 13. Add more text to the left to keep the balance of the design as required.
Step 14. Select File-> Export to save the file as PDF
Step 15. Choose the location to save the file and also select the file format from the list.
Step 16. Choose the required quality for the PDF and export it.

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